Monday, October 20, 2008

Trip to Visit Eustacia

Last Friday, I took a day off from computers of any sort and drove up to visit Eustacia. Her school was closed for fall break, and she was scheduled to do absolutely nothing. I met her at her dorm, and then we walked a few blocks to a little cafe for lunch.

We walked from there to Coe Lake, a small lake that was once a sandstone quarry in the 1800s. Mr. Baldwin, founder of the college, owned the property and turned it into a quarry. He used the proceeds to build his college, one of the first integrated schools in the country. During the 1930s, the quarry business faltered, and this spot was filled in to form the lake. There are trails here and there and places to sit and relax. Or ride horses.

Judging by the wings, this is an angel, but his/her head is missing.

A carving of a dove, nicely done.

Along a walkway is a short wall covered in drawings.

After a nice walk through the woods

...we came upon a cemetery, and since the gate was unlocked, we walked through it and read what we could of the headstones. Most of the people seemed to have died in the mid to late 1800s. Quite a few of the headstones were worn or toppled or both, but the place was generally in good repair. Notable was this extremely odd tree, a kind of natural totem pole, right in the center.

It was just a few more blocks back to the school, but we followed a route Eustacia had never walked before. And along the way we discovered this entrance to a somewhat enchanted garden, someone's back yard filled with treasures.

We should all walk through the woods and explore untraveled routes more often. It does the soul good.


Rich said...

I've been lost in the woods for years,Robyn. But I like it there. Thanks for sharing your trip.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Thank you for sharing your visit with me. It did my soul good to have a peek at the woods through your eyes.

dive said...

"Scheduled to do absolutely nothing."
Wow! What a perfect day that sounds, Robyn.
I love that weird old pollarded pine.

lynn said...

Wow this looks like some kind of Disney college! It's beautiful.

RoverHaus said...

"We followed a route we had never walked before."

I love it when I see people do that. I wish I did that more often. Kudos to you and the kid for taking in life!

Alifan said...

Lovely post Robyn, so glad you got to have some relaxing time with E....the walk looks great......hope you caught mine on the Adair walk .....