Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Baby Hat A Day

All last week, I set out to knit a baby hat a day. It may seem an odd goal, especially since I don't know any babies, but I like to knit. In the evenings, when the chores are done, mostly, and it's time for sitting with your feet up in front of the TV or relaxing in your favorite chair, making something simple and quick like a baby hat is just the ticket.

I have a pattern memorized, and I have tons of yarn squirreled away, so all I had to do was get to work. After I finished these hats, I began an online search for a charity looking for knitted baby hats. I found charities that wanted money and charities that wanted ball caps autographed by celebrities, but it took me a while to find the group I was looking for. I will be sending this collection of hats in unconventional colors to the Akron Children's Hospital.

With the goal reached, I'm inclined to keep going. Why not, I ask myself. The last thing this house needs is another scarf, and I don't have the attention span for a sweater or blanket, so why not keep making baby hats? I will be using a variation on this pattern instead of the one I have memorized, although I don't care for Red Heart yarn. I'll spell out that variation on Stitchin' Bints because I doubt most of you care for that kind of detail.

You may have noticed an oddball hat in the top photo. That's from this new pattern, and it looks like this:


dive said...

What lucky babies, Robyn.

Enjoy your voting today!

Rich said...

What a greqat gift to the hospital, Robyn. This old fashioned goodwill working here.

Cheers!!! and may we all be prepared for the next four years ahead.

savannah said...

i haven't been by in a few days, sugar, but reading your last few entries has been pure bliss for this stressed out pal o'yours! ;) xoxox

thanks for the joy & grace!

Rich said...

and BTW your poll closed too soon, I wanted to vote today. I think I've finally made up my mind.

lynn said...

hey Robyn! I love knitting babies' hats too! It's quite some time since I made one, but I love it and, like yours, I used to make them in unconventional colours. Bright red, blue! I used to knit the babies socks too, in the same colours. Fun! If I hadn't just started a new job and head spinning, I'd join you and send for you to include in the parcel. Perhaps in a while.

lynn said...

What, no whooping? Come on Robyn; an Obama congratulatory post awaits!