Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Follow Me On My Errands

Because I like to be organized about certain things, even though I'm haphazard about others, I like to group errands into one outing. And I make each stop in order so I am not criss-crossing through town. I did that yesterday morning, so please come with me on my trip.

First, I voted. This is my voting sticker. While I waited in line to vote, I met some neighbors and an acquaintance who told me about how he was bullied when he was in 6th grade until he belted the kid, and he was never bullied again. This was in response to an article I wrote for the paper months ago about school-yard bullying.

Then I went to the post office to mail the baby hats to the hospital.

Then I went to the ATM for carrying-around money. The other day I was talking with my dry cleaning friend about how we like to carry cash in our wallets because we both remember times when there was no cash to carry, and we had to scrounge just to buy necessities. This ATM is encrusted with bug carcasses and spider webs, and the light is broken. It looks abandoned, but it always works.

Then I went to the craft store to buy some more hat yarn. While I was standing in line, some old women were complaining about how if their husbands would just wear hearing aids, their selective hearing wouldn't be such a problem.

This is an example of poor parking skills. After seeing this, I'll never feel bad about my parking again.

Then I went to Goodwill to drop off some old clothes. The donation canopy is in the back of the store and sort of deserted and scary. I wouldn't go there at night, I don't care how much crap I've got to give away.

Here are the little kitty shelters someone has built to house the feral cats that hang out behind the Goodwill. The employees feed them and keep the straw fresh, but you still could never get close enough to pet the cats. I've tried.

This series of photos makes Small Town look dumpy and depressed, but that's only because I didn't go to the nicer places and didn't take pictures of pretty things. Next time I'll try to show you the highlights, although I did that here when discussing our good side. Thanks for the company.


dive said...

WHat an excellent post, Robyn!
I've been waiting for ages to see Small Town in all its glory and now here we have a guided tour.
Wowee! That craft store is the size of my entire village!
And sheesh, what crappy parking!
I LOVE the way you hold your little pinky up to take photos. You caught your shadow on that one. Very refined … the correct etiquette for photography. Hee hee.
Hoorah for the kindly goodwill people providing shelters for feral cats. What a lovely touch.

Lots more photos of Small Town please, Robyn. You could make a regular feature of it.
A shot of your coffee shop would please both Rich and myself.

Rich said...

I managed to get your credit card number off its reflection on the ATM machine. Tee hee

thanks for the tour, Robyn. Where we going next?

lizard said...

I, too, love the fingers in the air shadow of you in the crappy parking photo. :)

PF said...

Hey! That was fun...AND I LIVE HERE...hee hee!

MmeBenaut said...

Looking forward to the next tour too Robyn but I loved this one. You are such an inspiration to people like me who are becoming increasingly disorganised.

I bet you hold your pinky up when you drink tea too, don't you? :))

Alifan said...

Nice less crowded than when I go shopping here......

Mind those ATM machines, they can take your card!!!would love to see inside the craft shop......