Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's About the Cats

Big Fat Mike (a cat) went to the vet Friday. He should have gone two years ago, but the poor guy is so neurotic, I kept putting off making an appointment. The last time he went there, he was so disturbed that he peed all over himself while still in the pet crate, so when I pulled him out to meet the doctor, he was drenched and stinky and had to be hosed off before the guy could examine him.

This time he did really well. He let the vet man-handle him and weigh him (a whopping 23 pound) and brush out his nasty, matted fur with the Furminator. It's an incredible pet comb everyone with a dog or cat should buy.

Mike is a joy to watch. Here he is trying to get Tiger's attention.

Mike: I know he knows I'm here. He just pretends to hate me.
Tiger: I hate him.

Mike: I'll just roll over a little to get his attention.
Tiger: I see what you're trying to do, and I still hate you.

Mike: He won't be able to resist this, I'm so cute, and I have a yarn ball.
Tiger: Touch me and die.

Mike: You could at least look at me, please!
Tiger: Go to hell.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Big Fat Mike and the Furminator.

You should write a children's book.

dive said...

Woohoo! Mike is certainly a whole lotta cat!
How could Tiger possibly ignore him? For a start he must be able to feel Mike's gravitational pull yanking at him.
Those two guys are irresisibly cute.

Alifan said...

Oh Robyn I love your cats... Oscar caught a mouse and it is living under my computer desk Any ideas??????

savannah said...

now THAT was funny, sugar! :) xoxo thanks!

lynn said...

Two years overdue at the vets? Yikes.

No, I tried but I'm not keen. They look scary. I do love your captions though!

lynn said...

A mouse, Alifan? Under your desk? Oh dear God I should NOT have come here today! Eeek.

PF said...

Those pics and captions are priceless! Of course, I love cats :)

Shan said...

I am ALWAYS a sucker for talking kitties. :D Big giant meaty cats are my favorites too.

I am cat deprived in my house but one cold night last week, a neighbor cat greeted me at the car so I petted her for a while. Then she followed me to the front steps and a second cat showed up and sort of fought over me for attention. Then, like a gift straight from heaven, A THIRD jingled over to see this cat petting lady but couldn't handle the other two so she/he had second thoughts and scurried off.

I was so amazed at my sudden cat wooing skills that I raised my arms like Ace Ventura and acknowledged my place in the feline kingdom. It was awesome.

Will you still be my friend on facebook now that you now know what my neighbors know about me?