Saturday, November 08, 2008

Sage Advice

After all of the twenty-four-hour blabbering about every minute detail of this presidential campaign from anybody and everybody with access to a microphone or a camera or computer, I have wondered what all the politics-obsessed people in the news would talk about and write about and fight about after the election.

It seems now they have to examine Obama's transition team and who he chooses for his cabinet. They have to talk about where McCain will fit in the next administration. They have to speculate about Palin's political future and whether she really didn't know Africa was a continent and not a country or if this back-stabbing from McCain's aides is based on lies. They have to ponder the social and historic significance of this election. They have to name the Obama family's new dog. Oh, and now they have to keep talking about this non-story of Obama's joke at Nancy Reagan's expense and how he called her to apologize. Albert Brooks has some interesting advice for him here.

The only way to wade through all of the clutter and nonsense may be to tune it out completely. Don't even turn on the TV or the radio, and definitely don't go online. But if you did that, you'd miss the choice advice from Garrison Keillor to President-Elect Obama. You can read the entire piece here at Salon. Or you can just read this excerpt:

"Please don't play golf. Don't get a dog. Enjoy Camp David. Be happy. Don't hire people to tell you how to dress or who to be; you're a grown-up. Don't do crap that someday you'd have to go on TV and make cheesy apologies for. This job is one you were cut out to do and a big part of the job is to keep up the national morale and you are already doing that big-time. And thank you, sir. All those cheap motels, all those flights, all of that chip dip. We are deeply grateful."


dive said...

Hee hee. I can just hear Garrison Keillor saying that as I read it, Robyn.
Oddly, I was just listening to this week's Lake Wobegon podcast before checking your blog.
What a wonderful voice that man has.

lynn said...

I like the last bits of advice! So apt.