Sunday, November 16, 2008

Speed Is Relative

Isn't it? What's fast for some people is slow for others. And what's slow for some is just right for the rest.

I remember going on a motorcycle ride a couple of years ago when I had my Honda and was just learning how to run the thing. The leader of the ride decided to go easy because we weren't in any hurry. It was a leisurely ride with no particular destination. I was relieved because I was afraid of curves and hadn't quite gotten the hang of leaning into them.

I thought the ride was led at a perfect pace and was even a little fast at times, especially on the downhill curves when I was inclined to ride the brakes or maybe even walk. Afterwards, though, one of the other riders thought the pace was a little slow and dull, especially on those downhill curves. Vroom.


Mrs. G. said...

My husband has a motorcycle. I've been on it once. Even his slow is too fast.

lynn said...

Oh dear God what IS that? You're scaring me.

Shazza said...

I love sloths - I think they are so damn cute.

Go Robyn - you're a biker chick. I've always wanted to learn.

Scout said...

Mrs. G, see. It's relative.

Lynn, hee hee. It's a sloth.

Shazza, I only tried to be a biker chick, and my bike was a big scooter which I sold after two years.

dive said...

Is that you on your scooter, Robyn?
I love the fur coat …