Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Dogs & Aliens

As I mentioned, there were five dogs in the house where we spent Thanksgiving, and I've got pictures to prove it. Actually, there was one dog I didn't capture—Buster the wheaten terrier. Here is Daughter No. 1 hugging Sha Sha Sha Doo the bernese mountain dog.

And here she is hugging Tag the schnauzer/poodle mix.

This little guy is Jack, a poodle mix from a puppy mill. His front feet turn outward, and his back legs are odd so he can't sit down completely. He's a sweetie, though. I think the flash startled him.

Here is Sha, Tag and Roxie the airedale whose left ear sticks up. They're waiting for some turkey scraps to fall on the floor.

And just for good measure, here is a picture of a random sign posted on a door frame. It was never explained to me, but I like that it was there.


dive said...

Welcome home, Robyn.
Looks like you all had a good time, especially the dogs. Now you'll have to explain away all those dog hairs to Mike and Tiger.

MmeBenaut said...

Your daughter is so beautiful Robyn and I love all the dogs. Replace them with cats and you have an image of my house!

PF said...

We had two dogs (one very large, one very small) and one cat at my nephew's on Thanksgiving. Must be the year to all bring your pets to Thanksgiving dinner!!!

Rich said...

Did you also get to watch the movie "Must Love Dogs"? No Buster? I'll have to post a pic of my Wheaten "Louis" or "Louie" as we call him.

Rich said...

oh, and your blog is going to the dogs,Robyn.