Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Very Bad Student

I have been practicing my horn in No. 1's bedroom again, the room with the antique music cabinet in the corner that has treasure on its shelves. When I need a break from playing, I rifle through the things in the cabinet to see what there is to see.

Just this week I found my report card from the fourth quarter of my seventh grade. I went to Westchester Middle School in Chesterton, Indiana in an era when The Doobie Brothers were huge, Saturday Night Live was brand new but The Partridge Family as on its way out, and the Cold War was raging.

I wasn't a very good student, evidently, and I remember being stress-free about it all. Here are my grades:

Communications: C+, teacher: Mr. Mitchell

Mathematics: C, teacher: Miss Moseley was a formidable woman with wings for upper arms, and she flapped like a pelican when she wrote equations on the chalk board)

Science: C, teacher: Mr. Wilson

Social Studies: B, teacher: Mrs. Bol. Her husband Mr. Bol had been my 4th grade teacher, and they both were a little stern.

Spanish: B+, teacher: Mrs. Ellis. She was the most Bohemian person I knew, and I loved her class.

Band: A, teacher: Mr. Gordan. Not only did I get an A because I was a darn good little trumpet player for my age, but I got a comment—"fine work from a fine girl." If only the other teachers could have seen that. If they'd let me play my trumpet in their class rooms, I might have done better.

About the time my shabby report card was being sent to my unsuspecting parents, Leroy Anderson died. If you've ever played Sleigh Ride, you'll know why that's significant. David Beckham was born, and the country was reeling from the recent end of the Vietnam War. Bill Gates founded Microsoft, and Nixon's aides convicted in the Watergate scandal were being sent to prison. None of this meant a thing to me at the time. I was a just kid going to school during the day and watching Welcome Back Kotter at night.

This is me in the seventh grade. My mother made the dress out of a spongy kind of double knit and decorated it with shiny plastic buttons. The scar on my cheek was left over from a rotten kid down the street who clawed me at least a year before.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

What a great post. I can practically hear Arnold Horshack saying, "Oh, Oh, Oh!"

PF said...

Are you sure this isn't Emily?! Doobie Brothers...ahhhhh!!!

dive said...

Woohoo! What a great photo, Robyn!
Boy howdy, that's a doozy of an outfit!
Yay for you for getting an A in band!

Shan said...

Ahhhh, you were pretty in your spongy double knit. It's funny how grades don't always reflect a persons intelligence. About the only thing I had going for me in jr. high was my g.p.a. (Course, I later wrecked my brain power with a non stop carb diet and raging blood sugar levels all through college-fizzle.)

At least you had your looks and your music Robyn-teehee. The scholarly part probably came in when you needed it most for college and adult hood, because now your a bubbling fount-o-knowledge and useful skills.

Scout said...

Cheri, just one of the regular lines we used to recite all day from that show

PF, Emily did get some of my genes, didn't she?

Dive, an A in band was a bit like getting an A in gym, although I didn't always pull that one off.

Shan, funny. I left college on academic probation, so I have to confess I'm still waiting for the scholarly part to appear.

Shazza said...

So pretty in pink...even spongy pink!

Yikes I have horrible images of Miss Moseley and arms flapping.

lynn said...

I don't see any scar. Simply a sweet little girl with a 'butter wouldn't melt in my mouth' grin!

RoverHaus said...

1) You were a cutie!
2) Que Beno para Espanol!
3) Band geeks kick ass!

Alifan said...

Oh Robyn that is a great photo... are we going to have some "oldies" posted on all the blogs, glad you had a grin at us on Dives!!!!!

What a great report, I still have the boys reports they want to be careful as I can use my scanner now!!!!!!

Rich said...

Well I'm glad you got an "A" in Band, Robyn. I think I managed to do the same thing back then. it's funny how we thrive at some things and others... are less impressive to us I guess.

Cute photo of you too.