Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Alabama House

In line with yesterday's post: this is the house where my grandparents lived for all the years I can remember. The photo crops out the living room to the left which had a picture window in the front and a fireplace on the side.

Before this place, they lived up the road in a little brick house with a pond behind it that was stocked with fish of some kind. They sold it to a man named Dollar, and the property was thereafter referred to as Dollar's Pond. They had an arrangement with the new owner that provided they could fish there any time they wanted, so we went fishing at Dollar's Pond every summer. I mainly just watched because I was afraid to bait my own hook, and Granddaddy, not a patient man, got tired of baiting it for me just so I could feed the fish with the worms.

And this is one of the dish-soap things my grandmother made. Closed, it looks like a little purse.

Opened, it holds a baby wrapped in blue cloth. I loved this thing enough to keep it all of these years.

And one more thing: Rich mentioned something about listening to me reading yesterday's post. Here I am reading it, fumbling now and then, so excuse that.


dive said...

What a sweet house, Robyn. Your childhood Christmas post was so wonderful, it's nice to imagine you all turning up at the door there and surprising them.
My gran used to make strange little knitted things, too. Unfortunately those are long gone. I'm glad you held on to yours.

Now you've made a rod for your own back. We will want to hear you read ALL of your posts for us. Hee hee.

lynn said...

You have a lovely speaking voice, Robyn.

Shan said...

WEEEEEEE! I love audiobooks!! What a pleasant sounding voice you have-very smooth. I always thought it would fun to be a voice actor and record books for a living. I even thought when I started my blog it would be fun to read a chapter of a book on certain days so that people could tune in and be read to. Of course, there are some tiny copyright issues involved in that whole scheme, so phoo.

Well, that was fun. I liked the part when you said in your oh so slightly Northern accent "That Gomer Pyle was a hoot!" Right then I could tell you would be able to switch over into a Sarah Palin impression instantly if you wanted to. heeheehee ;)

Rich said...

WOW!!! You have already made my holiday season much warmer, Robyn. listening to you reading that story I felt like a litle kid in the library during story time, sitting there with my mouth open and my eyes glued on your face as you read. I have to get a copy of this for my ipod and use it as a destress tool.


Rich said...

Also, I like the fact that your Grandparents could make a deal with the new owner to fish at the pond. Things were much simplier when people did things like that.