Monday, December 29, 2008

Back Home but On the Run

I have an incredibly busy day ahead of me today with photo shoots and costume hunting and possibly picking Mike up from the vet's, so I'll just give you some highlights from the holiday trip to Georgia.

For me, the main highlight was spending time with my sisters. I see them all just two days a year because we are scattered around in different states. I wish we could see each other more often, but it rarely seems to work out that we can gather at any other time but Christmas.

Here we are years and years ago with me holding all those stuffed animals. Of course, we don't look anything like this now, thank goodness.

Here are my new shoes, a gift from daughter No. 1. Eustacia gave me a Spanish in 3 Weeks language program which I can't wait to look into it.

Here is Tiger enjoying the gift exchange before we left for the larger celebration in Georgia.

And here are my girls during a shopping trip with my family.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Have a great day!

Thanks for sharing the photos. Beautiful.

dive said...

Oh, my! I so love that first photo, Robyn! You were such a cutie!

Hoorah for Tiger! Cats and wrapping paper are a recipe for fun.

And that green guy with the antlers and the bow tie has impeccable taste in chatting up your two beautiful girls.

Welcome home!

lynn said...

Ohhh your girls look divine. I too posted a pic of my boys shopping today! How weird. Not their faces though, as you shall see.

Your shoes look so comfy. Hola, como esta usted? Tengo tres hijos, Robyn. Tienes dos hijas. lol! Good luck with that. We can practise by email if you like - I studied at uni level but I'm soooooo rusty and crave Spanish.

Look at you, little cutie in the first photo!

Alifan said...

Welcome home Robyn...

Lovely photo's......

Rich said...

I like the holiday moose.

MmeBenaut said...

Fabulous photos, Robyn. Sounds like you had so much fun. Your daughters really are stunning!