Monday, December 15, 2008

From Up on the Stage 360˚

This past weekend was mostly devoted to a philharmonic Christmas concert. As is typical when we have a concert on a Saturday evening, we had a rehearsal on Friday evening and another on Saturday afternoon before show time.

Our Christmas concerts involve a children's chorus made of local kids, and a lot of the music that accompanies them is light on horn parts. During the rehearsal when we worked on those songs, I took pictures to show you what goes on around me.

First, this is from off stage:

This is what I see directly in front of me, my horn and the bottom of my stand.

This is the horn section directly to my left. Notice the 3rd horn player reading through a script for a play he is involved with because he didn't have a part either.

The bass section is directly behind me.

And the cellists are in front.

The trumpets were to my right at this concert, but usually they sit to the left of the horn section.
This is what my bell reflects when my horn lays flat in my lap—a cellist.


dive said...

What a fantastic set of pictures, Robyn!
More, please! Much more of your musical adventures.
Tell us all about the concert for a start.

PF said...

Great pics, Robyn! :)

lynn said...

Oooh lovely. I think you could Zazzle the 2nd and the last into greetings cards!

savannah said...

the view is incredible from the stage. i love the way musicians seem so casual and then, at performance time...they are spot on! xoxo

(some of my favorite times at the club were rehearsals with seasoned backup players and a new singer.)