Friday, December 19, 2008

Hispanic Day

I felt like yesterday was Hispanic Day considering the things I found myself doing.

First, Eustacia and I went to the Christmas party for the language class group. Each child in the program got a personalized gift from Santa and Mrs. Claus and a few moments to tell the big guy what they want for Christmas. If you try to tell me this isn't the real Santa, you'll be sorry. Here he is holding a baby dressed in Santa jammies.

Then we went for the food—it's always about the food.

Tamales, flautas, seasoned rice, and mole.

Empanadas. Sorry for the fuzziness of the photos, but these things were incredible.

Ceviche. Yum.

We also had flan and a great warm punch filled with all kinds of fruit. It's a Mexican tradition and is somewhat like mulled cider.

Next up, was a trip back to a Latin store to allow the newspaper photographer to capture the place. I took some of my own photos and will show them a little later.


dive said...

Fantastic stuff, Robyn!
Yup, that's definitely the real Santa. No wonder he's that shape if he's presented with food this fabulous on his travels.

I can't wait to see the photos you took in the Latin store.

Rich said...

All that grub looks pretty darn good, Robyn. Like you mentioned in yer other post You're no slacker.

Shan said...

Delish!! How nice!!

savannah said...

hola! how grand a feast! my bff (orginally from texas) and i are thinking about making tamales for new years eve (my birthday!!!) looking forward to your pictures, sugar! xoxo

lynn said...

Wow, forget the food, I like the SANTAS! How exciting. Adore the cutie Baby Santa too. We never see a Mrs. Santa in the UK so that's a tad weird for me. Is she popular in America?

Shazza said...

M's favorite is Pastella's very hard to find around here.