Saturday, December 13, 2008

So Long Van Johnson

Van Johnson died yesterday at the age of 92. He was quite a dandy in his younger days—tanned, fresh, and freckle-faced—and grew into the smartass film star whose films I grew up with. He was Gene Kelly's sidekick in Brigadoon, one of my favorite musicals, and in it he delivers one of my favorite lines while sitting in a crowded and unpleasant bar after spending an unknown length of time in the fresh and surreal air of Brigadoon—"It's not the heat. It's the humanity."

Here he is with Gene in a scene from Brigadoon.


dive said...

Hoorah for Brigadoon!
Thank you, Van Johnson for so many great movie memories.

savannah said...

when the MITM & i heard of van johnson's passing, brigadoon was the movie we both remembered! rest in peace, sir.