Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Busy Bee

I haven't been all too social in the blog neighborhood lately, but I'm not intentionally snubbing any of you. I've just been busy working. The current chore involves designing book covers for romance novels which just eats me up from the inside out. I usually fall asleep fairly well at night, but sometime along 2:00 a.m., I wake up and stay awake for an hour or two with my mind racing through the tasks that need to be done or redone or fretting over the projects that have been rejected or will likely be rejected and how the heck and I going to fix them? It goes on and on.

I had the last of a round of photo shoots last Saturday, and I was exhausted after just an hour. There were only two models involved that time, and the first one was a charmer. She made the job easy and took some lovely photos. I don't have any to show you, but here is the little doggie who made my time in the studio a real pleasure. She's the granddog of the photographer and was there with her family. I wonder if Wishbone ever reenacted any romance novels.

To keep the proportions just right on our book covers, we don't shoot the models below the knee, so we let them wear whatever shoes they like or no shoes at all. Here is a flattering shot of the second model who was forced to wear a frumpy house dress from the 1940s. It was a snowy day Saturday, so the young woman opted to keep her mountaineer work boots on.

Romantic image, wouldn't you say?


dive said...

Well that makes me old and fusty, Robyn: I rather liked the dress but not the boots.
Sigh …

Shan said...

That's pure book cover magic in action Robyn! I love knowing those little details. And Wishbone. Teeheehee-no kidding!

I fell in love with a wiener dog (can't spell dauchtshound) at the barber shop the other day. He was sooo cute with his big long nose and soft short fur. He promptly got up on my lap and took a nap. The beautiful moment we shared ended when I realized he was covered in fleas who were starting to notice my arm hair and make a leap for it. Poor pooch.

Rich said...

I do have a thing for mountaineer women, robyn.