Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Day Two

Day two of my workout at the Y, and I like it. I went this morning around 8:00 with a plan. A friend of mine who is experienced with weight training suggested a circuit-style workout—instead of doing three sets of reps on each machine before moving to the next one, the idea is to do one set on each machine in a cycle and then repeat the cycle three times. Moving from one machine to the next with no break in between keep the heart rate up and the metabolism kicked into gear, so that was my intention.

The area with leg and hip machines was empty when I arrived, so I started there. While on my third machine, the leg curls, two old women parked themselves on the hip machines and had tea, basically. They might as well have for all the chit-chatting they did and as little muscle movement as they did. I noticed they piled on the weights, but they couldn't have moved their scrawny legs more than a few times with each set. Blab blab blab.

I moved to another area and started the upper body circuit—arms, chest, back, abs—the circuit plan it just doesn't seem to work because they don't let you claim all the machines for yourself. If it weren't for those other people, I could have done the circuit training in the time suggested, 30 minutes. But as it was, I finished after 45 minutes or so and had to give up on the plan all together.

Here's what I found myself thinking while working on the lat bar: I thought about being catty and asking the ladies how long they thought they might be at the hip station while I tapped my foot and looked down at my watch. I don't wear a watch because the battery died a year ago, but it would be a nice touch in making my point about hogging machines in a public gym. Then I thought about loudly asking the attendant if there was a policy about being considerate with the equipment and not lolligagging.

But then I thought about Lauralie Gilmore. Really, I thought about life in Stars Hollow and how people just accept the quirks of their neighbors. If Miss Patty were relaxing on the bicep machine with a cigarette, you wouldn't scowl at her and ask her to move her fat ass, would you? No, you'd strike up a conversation and accommodate her because she's interesting and always has a story to tell. So what if it takes you a few extra minutes to finish your workout, and so what if you have to do all three sets of reps at once.

Ladies' tea on the hip abduction apparatus it is, then. On Friday, I'll walk in with no plan at all and just go with the flow.


lynn said...

Gosh it sounds so complicated and all that gym politics! I'm glad I'm not in there. I'm about to hit the floor for my home routine stuff. I've already walked in the snow today so legs have had a little work out.
You sound quite feisty Robyn. You go girl!

Rich said...

Are you becoming a gym rat robyn?

The Y is an interesting place where you do run into all sorts of personalities. We have a bunch of older men who like to hang out nude on the couch in the mens locker room while watching sports on the TV. I find this a bit odd but it looks like they've been doing it for years long before I started coming around.

Rich said...

Oh, and I'm proud of you, Robyn.

Mark said...

Hip, hip, hooray(x3) for Robyn. And it's not making any of us feel guilty for having fell off our workout wagon just before Thanksgiving. But I did notice immediately to the right of your post a picture of peanut butter chocolate pudding. :-0

dive said...

Me, too!
Though I'm glad your chatterboxes don't behave like Rich's old men.

MmeBenaut said...

Good for you Robyn. I get the jitters just reading this. Gyms scare the life out of me. I spent three hours raking up leaves and tidying up the garden then 2 hours driving down to the city and back to collect MB whose car went in for service. By the time I fed the cats I was bushed so I went to bed at 8.30 pm and slept until 3.30 am and then had to feed the cats (all 5 of them) again because they had missed their supper. Sun is coming up now and it's going to be a beautiful day - 25 degrees and sunny. Low humidity; just lovely.

lynn said...

Ew Rich! I KNEW the YMCA was full of old men - but I didn't know they are nude and languishing about on couches. Ye Gods.

PF said...

Keep up the good attitude, my friend! The machine lolligaggers always drive me to distraction...aaaggghhh! :(
What Rich said reminds me of what hubby always says about the old naked men in the locker the get the picture. ew.