Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New Box

Eustacia was home this past weekend because she needed supplies for an art class and needed someone to take her a specific store that was not within walking distance from college. So, we went to Pat Catan's to fill the list.

Pat Catan's is a monster craft store where you can pick up some dried flowers, a few skeins of yarn, an action figure of Sojourner Truth, and art supplies all in one trip. This store has some great things in it, but it also has more crap than you can shake a glue stick at. And Eustacia and I filled the cart.

Once we got all the art stuff, we picked up some tiny canvases like what I used to paint on. I'll start again now. We found a kit for this weird needle felting thing. I tried it and didn't like it at all, plus I stabbed myself with the stupid needle. Then we found these unfinished wooden boxes meant to hide cube-style tissue boxes. Jackpot.

We took our boxes and full cart to the paper aisle and found sheets we liked and trinkets we liked, and we headed home to get to work. Eustacia painted hers yellow and green and then glued on bright blue lacy paper and silk daisies. It's adorable.

I covered mine with weathered and antiqued paper and then ripped pieces of vintage-looking newspaper pages. After I covered the whole thing with a decoupage finish, I glued on metal hearts and stuck the whole thing on the back of the toilet. Here is one side featuring The Travel Page:

This is the other side.

It's only a box, but the colors do something nice for the tiny half-bath just off the kitchen. And the travel section goes well with the print of a rainy street in Paris that hangs on the opposing wall .


lynn said...

Looks great, Robyn. I love those kind of shops! Wish I could have come too.

dive said...

A Sojourner Truth action figure? Woohoo, Robyn! I waaaaaant one! That even trumps the librarian action figure I got Michael and Miriam (my married librarian friends).

That's a cool box! Is there nothing you can't turn your super-talents to?

Shan said...

Looking gooood!

Anonymous said...

When did I become eustacia?


Scout said...

Eustacia, you became Eustacia when I got tired of saying Daughter No.2. I couldn't find a suitable name starting with K for Daughter No. 1, so she's still #1.