Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Silly Horse and Nonsense

I finished up an interview with a stable owner yesterday, and the woman has a funny horse. The horse stood in her stall and waited for a cat to walk by, and then she picked up a plastic thing I couldn't identify (seriously, I kept saying, "please use non-horse terms), and she threw the thing at the cat.

Then the horse picked up a bridle (I DO know what that is) she had thrown on the floor earlier and moved her head in a circle so the bridle would spin around and around and around... The horse does this to amuse herself, the woman said, but I think she does it to get a laugh. I tried to capture it on video, but I was only able to pick up a few seconds. At least you know I'm not making this up.

I hope to meet a potter today who has the shop I described the other day, but we are being pelted with ice at the moment and for the rest of the morning. The potter's shop is on a country road with a few hills, and his wife and I are concerned about driving on it until it has been cleared. Maybe tomorrow.

In the meantime, I am waiting for a package with high-resolution book cover art from an artist in Arkansas. He shipped it FedX, but the plane was grounded in Memphis yesterday because of weather. Now that this ridiculous storm has moved north, I think I'm not going to get my art until tomorrow.

Let's see...what other nonsense can I tell you? Oh, well, I woke up with a sinus headache and a scratchy throat today, and my voice is threatening to turn into a Marlene Dietrich imitation. More of a reason to stay inside today and hide out with a kitty curled up in my lap except that I have to typeset an Amish cookbook. Hint: you might think that people who live off of the land cook with only fresh food they grow or slaughter on their own property. It seems they're more likely to cook with Jello and mayonnaise.


lynn said...

he he I enjoyed that Robyn. The horse was hilarious.

So - we're going to get some ice pics then? Goodie, (she persuaded).
Yes I'm a weather drama fan too.

Mark said...

Amish cooks? You forgot butter. And butter. Also butter.

dive said...

Wow! What a busy day you have, Robyn.
I love the horse throwing things, but the most amazing news for me was the Amish and Jello.
The Amish?
That's slightly pervy.

MmeBenaut said...

What a clever horse and beautiful stables! I can't believe that woman threw something at the cat!! That would have made my blood boil to see something like that.

Shan said...

Hi Robyn! I've missed my blog reading!!
Baha "non horse terms" made me totally laugh this morning. What a beautiful clean barn that is. I just got home from OKC where I went for one night and ended up staying 4 days due to the ice storm! It has been a crazy winter hasn't it? Siloam looks like a war zone of broken trees. I'll post piccys as soon as I get to blogging again.

I loved that pottery shop. It looked like something Lynn would photograph over in her area of the world. So European. :)