Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow and Ice

Lynn wants pictures, so Lynn gets pictures. I've only took two because snow is snow.

Before the snow, we were coated with ice. This is my patio table soon after it started snowing yesterday morning.

And this is the view from my front porch.

I didn't mind being snowed in. I got a lot done. It's not like I couldn't leave the house, but I didn't have to leave the house, so I left the car keys in my coat pocket and hibernated. I was expecting an important FedX package yesterday but had resigned myself to not getting it until today. So, I was surprised when the FedX guy knocked on the door and handed me the book cover art I was waiting for. That made me think it might be OK to venture out, but when I saw the FedX truck spin its wheels on the road in front of my house and swerve and barely make it up the hill, I thought again.

I grew up on the left shore of Lake Michigan, so a few inches of snow don't startle me. I remember being excited about snow days when I was a kid, but they call them as easily then as they do now. I do remember getting an entire week off of school—it was in the 70s, and Northwest Indiana was hit by a long cold spell. The school system couldn't afford to heat the schools to the extent they needed heating, so they closed down until it warmed up a bit. I don't remember the specifics of amusing myself all week, but I expect I watched a lot of old movies and a lot of reruns of Giligan's Island.

Yesterday I didn't see Giligan a single time, but I had The Shop Around the Corner playing in the next room while I worked. Oh, Mr. Matuschek.


dive said...

Scrivens, Robyn, that is awful weather!
You guys should up sticks and move to somewhere sane. Only reindeer should have to put up with that kind of climatic nonsense.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Yay Gilligan!

Laura loves it. She's seen every episode (on DVD) multiple times.

Have a good, warm day inside.

peahen said...

I love staying in when I have an excuse (or can make one up). As Dive says, Brrr, but it's very photogenic.

lynn said...

Thank you! I'm delighted with these, though never think 'snow is snow' Robyn! No, no, it's exciting to see those icicles. Really, I'm not messing around, it brings out the child in me, not that I recall seeing such splendid icicles ever in England!
Your way of writing hooks me in too, picturing you with the car keys in your pocket and hibernating. How very cosy, I love it!
Thank you for photographing the snow. Love it, love it. Dare I ask for more? Children always do, after all... :)

lynn said...

I hope all your readers click on the icicle pic - it's worth it!

Scout said...

Thanks, Lynn. When I looked out and saw the icicles on the iron work, I thought, "Oo, Lynn would like that."

I don't have anymore photos, but I'll see what I can do about that.

lynn said...

Ah, that's sweet Robyn! Yes please. I know. I also ask for the baked brie recipe. I'm demanding. I know it. :( :)

Shannon and Paul said...

Isn't FedEx amazing? The world on time... snow, ice, or hurricane. My brave man is one of those out there facing the elements, spinning his wheels.

Except we have had significantly less dramatic weather than you all this year. Practically no dramatic weather here...