Saturday, January 31, 2009

You Want Pictures of Snow You Say?

I've got your snow right here. We aren't inundated like the people who get two feet in one snow fall, but we've got plenty with ice underneath. I left the house twice yesterday, and each time it snowed when I didn't need it to. (click on these for a better view)

This is what was going on just as I arrived at the Y.

And this is what my windshield looked like an hour later.

When I managed to swerve my way back home, I took this picture of a poor summer lawn ornament that was still stuck in a bush.

And here is a tiny bird's nest that can hold an amazing amount of snow. Click on this picture to see how all the tiny branches are encased in ice—and I think there are actually two nests in the tree.

Later on, I had to drive out on a country road that, I'm not kidding, is called Possom Hollow. I had to take a photo of some people for a newspaper article about their business. I don't think I ever went more than 15 miles an hour on that road because, of course, it was snowing huge flakes. These are the turnout pastures behind the stable. There are hawks in those trees on the ridge, and when they scream out on a day like this, your skin crawls because it's the only sound you can hear out there.


dive said...

Brr … No thank you, Robyn; I do NOT want pictures of snow! Especially not as we're due to get a load of the horrid stuff dumped on us over the next few days.

I did like the bird igloo, though.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

I had to get up and put on my bathrobe just to look at the pictures. {{{BRRR!}}}

RoverHaus said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who still has a summer lawn ornament up in my back yard.

And Possum Hollow? What exactly is that? What is hollow? Who comes up with these names?

lynn said...

Yippeeee! Thanks Robyn I for one love them. Gosh those nests - I wonder if the birds can survive?
The ice on the branches is delightful too. I don't envy that chap his job of snow blowing. Is it even worth doing?
Why do I love the snow so much? I don't know... I mean, I'm asking mySELF! I've no idea, I'm really drawn to it. Where could I have lived in a former life? :)
Thanks Robyn. As Dive said, isn't it fantastic (well no he didn't say that bit) that we're getting some too next week! It won't be much, probably. We'd be lucky to scrape a snowman together from five gardens, but still...yay. :)
By the way it was quite brave to drive just for an interview.

lynn said...

What's the temperature there?

Tonight we shall be -2 C - go on, you can guffaw now... ;)

Alifan said...

Robyn that looks very very cold, think I will hope it does not get like that here.... take caare... xxx

Shazza said...

We don't get much snow here in my part of Jersey, but the little apartment I was staying up at in PA is just over the first range in the Pocono mountains.

I never saw the ground the whole time I was there and I can see how quickly you can get sick of it being around.

What a mess!

Stay warm!

Scout said...

Shazza, I have driven through the Poconos during a horrendous snow storm. I know exactly what you mean.

Alifan, stay warm and stay inside. And take care of Oscar.

Lynn, this has been an unreasonable cold January—this morning it was 4˚F. I don't know how that translates for you.

Jason, hollow is the space between the hills, isn't it? It could be kind of fun to find out how that road got it's backwoods name.

Cheri, BRRR is right. And we've got two more months of winter, probably.

Dive, you'll have to post pictures of what snow you get so we can compare.

lynn said...

Back for another look!
Wow that's -16 C Robyn. Brr indeed. Recently we had -10 in Gloucestershire but that was unusual.

I'm intrigued by the summer ornaments by the way. I see RoverHaus also has them. What are they? Can you tell us about them as it's an unknown concept in England to my knowledge.

lynn said...

So today the UK has real snow - but it avoided me ! How unfair is that? :(