Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Love Baxter Black

Don't you? He's a cowboy poet, former larger-animal veterinarian and general philosopher. He doesn't own a TV or a cell phone, and he talks through a mustache most people would choke on.


Shan said...

Oh so THAT'S Baxter Black! Yes, I do like him now. I've never read or heard his stories but my parents have gone to see him twice I think at the Cowboy Hall of Fame in OKC. I remember them talking about what a rollicking good time they had.

The kid version of this type of humor is probably the Hank the Cowdog series of chapter books. John Errickson is the author and he reads his own books on the audio version with all the different animal voices. It is hilarious even to me! You should google him and give him a listen to one of his live book readings. So fun.

dive said...

He's fun!
I loved the ending, Robyn.
I am a great fan of homespun story-telling.
And of magnificent moustaches!