Friday, February 13, 2009

Read, Dammit!

My mind is mush today because I have been sickly all week—my mother calls it "puny." Does anyone else use that word for having something like a life-draining cold or whatever this is?

So, instead of a real post, I'll point you to this thing in the newspaper. There is an interesting comment at the end about how France subsidises their newspapers because they believe a varied source of opinions presented to the public is essential to a democracy. I wonder if that's true, and I wonder if the French government manages to help financially without trying to control the content.

Speaking of defending newspapers, a lot of people think they should die or at least become strictly online news sources because of all the trees we're destroying to print them. I'd just like to point out that in the US, 30 to 35% of newsprint is made of recycled pulp, and the end results are recycled into all sorts of things—beads, cereal boxes, egg cartons, insulation, tissue paper, grocery bags and wrapping paper. Here are some other things made with old newspapers:

gourmet scented pencils



usb drives

art—this story is disturbing because some bankers in the UK have asked the artist to do nude portraits of their wives from shredded stories of their financial accomplishments or the stories of their competition's failures.

We could do better with using recycled paper in newsprint—in England, the percentage is closer to 50%, and in some countries its even higher. I'd also like to point out that all the computers that allow us to get to these news websites don't run on air, and the computers themselves are filled with all kinds of nasty things that are quite often just tossed into landfills. Whatever humans do, we'll always leave tracks. Instead of standing still, maybe we could just learn to leave tracks a little more responsibly.

Oh, look. This turned into a post after all.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

I want to find some of the yarn for my oldest daughter. She knits and is an environmental activist.

Also? I found some awesome baskets made from recycled newspaper. Similar to these, although the ones I bought were not from Pier One (I bought them at a little shop in Tucson) and were round and lovely.

savannah said...

it's true, sugar, if we all lessened our own personal carbon footprint, we'd all be in better shape, on so many different levels. sadly, you know as well as i, that too many people latch on to buzz words/concepts without giving serious study to an issue...or issues.

fell better soonest! ;) xoxox

Miz Minka said...

"Whatever humans do, we'll always leave tracks. Instead of standing still, maybe we could just learn to leave tracks a little more responsibly.

Quite so, hear, hear!!

Rich said...

I once made a pair of boxer shorts from recycled news paper. They were a little on the stiff side. :)

Shan said...

You seem to have a touch of Tourette's when you're puny Robyn. I do hope you feel better soon. That WAS an entire entry I noticed that right away myself. You've got what it takes even whilst under the weather.

We love Smencils around here-have we talked about this before or am I having a Deja Vu. Weird. And the furniture is always so modern looking like it should be on display in glass walled houses.

Happy V day. I hope you feel like celebrating with your Sweetheart this weekend. :)

Sassy Sundry said...

i want that yarn. we really do need to recycle more.

Mark said...

I hope Small Town Newspaper knows you're one of their best ambassadors.

And didn't Pa in one of the Little House books twist newspaper into a firewood substitute?

dive said...

Gourmet scented pencils?
Let me get this straight, Robyn …

Speaking as an anosmic I find that hugely offensive.

Hee hee.
I love newspapers. Long may they thrive. Especially any that print your wonderful writing, Robyn.

lynn said...

YAY! Great post. lol

lynn said...

By the way sorry you are feeling unwell. Yes I do have words: I usually do have my own vocab!
Snuffly - for not being able to breathe.
Gunk - the endless stuff you blow out of your nose and which lines your throat during a ghastly cold.
My son has an awful one at the moment, poor chap. He's suffering like you Robyn. Kisses for getting better xxx