Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Baby No. 1

This is Daughter No. 1 napping at her first Thanksgiving. What a little bug. She grew to love this plaid blanket even though it eventually ended up in tatters. She has managed to save a bit of it still.

So, what is No. 1 up to now, you may wonder. Well, I'll tell you. She has just enrolled in the graduate program at Berkeley and will most likely be known as Doctor No. 1 in five years—chemistry is her thing. She has been touring universities these last few weekends to decide which of the chemistry departments best suits her, and Berkeley is the one.

We'll move her to California some time in July—I'll tell you, having a child leave home for college is one thing, but having them move half-way across the country to be completely on their own is another. But let's not talk about that now. Let's just be glad the kid has found her niche, and one she is apparently very good at.

Yippee for No. 1.


Shan said...

Well, isn't that just wonderful news! She was an adorable baby and is a gorgeous young woman now. You have such pretty girls. I can tell they are both smarties like Mom and Dad as well.

I think being able to let your kids go as far away as they want without guilt is a great gift to give. That has been a hard thing over generations in our family and I can tell I'm going to have to really work at it when it's my turn.

I was just combing through baby pictures of my oldest yesterday as he turned 11 and I was getting a little overwhelmed about how fast it goes myself. sigh What a ferocious love-Motherhood. :)

dive said...

Yay! Well done, Daughter no.1.
And well done to you for giving her your smarts, Robyn.
Berkeley sounds a great place to be. Of course it will mean you having to suffer trips to California (HA!).
That really is excellent news and she sure does look cute under that blanket.

MmeBenaut said...

Oh Robyn; sleeping babies look so beautiful and Daughter no 1 doesn't disappoint.
Good luck on helping her to make the move out west!

Alifan said...

Ah Robyn that is a great photo...have some great ones of my two boys, but of course am banned from putting them on here!!!

I can imagine how you feel with no.1 going to move away, my two are only an hour away and I miss them like crazy,, silly isn't it....

PF said...

I love that picture of No. 1. She is a special one. I just want to squeeze her cute little self, but then I usually do even now when she is home!! I can't imagine calling her "Dr." in a few years. Sheesh!

Rich said...

Great news, and my congrats to #1