Saturday, March 07, 2009

Here We Come

This is the dialog that occurred today:

Coffee maker: (after submitting to a thorough cleaning) Sigh. Please don't run me through another cycle. I'm exhausted.

Me: I'm sorry. I know you've been through a lot today, but I need you to do this one last thing.

Eustacia: I don't think the coffee maker actually said those things.

Me: I prefer that my appliances talk to me.

Eustacia: Then you should watch The Brave Little Toaster

Me: Ohhh, I love that movie!!

Disney World, here we come.


Mark said...

Your daughter talks to you?

lynn said...


I adore the Brave Little Toaster! My boys and I used to snuggle up on the sofa to watch that....ohhh how marvellous. I'd love to step back in time right now and be there with them on that sofa. Ohhhh now I'm upset. Oh Eustacia, see what you've done to me. ;)

dive said...

Yay! Have a wonderful vacation, Robyn!

savannah said...

i need a disney vacation! have delicious fun, darlin! xoxo

Shazza said...

Enjoy your vacation Robyn! Lot's of fun in the sun I hope!

lynn said...

Send Mickey my love please.

PF said...

Love your new "hat"!!