Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Maine is Cold

Maine is cold because it's March, but yesterday I heard a local say this is January weather. When we woke up yesterday, the temperature was 19˚ with a wind chill of 7˚. It warmed up to the mid 20s, but gusting winds kept it feeling like the arctic, or at least how I imagine the arctic on one of its warmer days.

We are staying at a beautiful little inn that is sandwiched inbetween old houses on tiny streets. It's the Pomegranate Inn, and this is the front door. Our room has fascinating hand-painted walls so no two flowers or birds are exactly alike. This is the fireplace. I could have used it last night if I had known how to operate the thing. This old house has big windows that rattle with wind, and I'm sure they are not sufficiently sealed. I'm not complaining, mind you. Just observing.

Besides being cold, Maine is also nice. Everyone is nice. And this sign at one of the piers proves it.

While trying to navigate through town, we found ourselves on a bridge with no choice but to follow it, and we ended up in Cape Elizabeth. It's just a few minutes from the city, and we had wanted to go there eventually anyway. I had heard about Two Lights park, so we went there and found the ocean. Beautiful. Windy. Cold. Isolated but for a friendly old man and his friendly old dog. but Beautiful.

This is No. 1 with the ocean behind her.

Today, we'll head back toward Congress street and visit the art museum and see what we can see. Tonight we've got tickets to the symphony.


dive said...

New England is even colder than Olde England, Robyn.
Looks like you're both having a lovely time, though. The blue skies and blue seas must make up for the temperature (a little).
Have a great time at the Symphony and do tell us all about it.

Anonymous said...

Oh my word, it was SOOOOO cold yesterday. I was not prepared. Really, it's been much nicer here of late. Thursday's supposed to be decent. Let's hope so!

Cape Elizabeth is beautiful, isn't it?

Rich said...

cape Elizabeth is where Hopper used to paint.

MmeBenaut said...

Cape Elizabeth is beautiful, as is daughter no. 1 of course! Interesting that Hopper used to paint there Rich. I liked his work when I saw it on your blog some time ago.

I can see that you are going to be my eyes and ears for visiting Maine, Robyn. Thank you dear!