Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Try to Stay Focused

That's a suggestion for me, not so much for you unless you've got what I've got—circle vision. Instead of tunnel vision where you see only one thing, you see everything in circles and have to force yourself to focus on the task at hand. Look, something shiny?

I've actually been pretty focused lately trying to handle one task or event at a time, but my brain is actually juggling lots of things. I had a horn lesson yesterday, so I practiced and drove to Mt. Union and paid attention for the hour of instruction (I even played pretty well), but I also interviewed a woman from the local Hospice office and polished up a news piece about it and thought about another news idea—or two or three. And I bought groceries and stopped by the dry cleaners and the gas station and the coffee shop and AAA. And I cooked pork in the slow cooker.

And I thought about all the upcoming trips I'm going to be taking. Eustacia's spring break is next week, but no one else is free, so she and I are going to Disney World just the two of us. We'll be gone nearly a week, and we'll get Mickey's signature for you even if you have only disdain for Disney (you know who you are).

I'll be home for a week after that, but then Daughter No. 1 and I are taking a road trip to Maine during her spring break. Husband has a golf trip planned that week, so again it will be just me and the kid. We have no idea where we're headed yet, but we'll figure it out.

In the middle of all of this, my sister is facing surgery. We're all hopeful for the outcome, but she'll need time to recuperate. She is the one of the four of us who tends to our mother, making sure she gets to the grocery store and doctors' appointments, etc. Mama is an independent and feisty woman, but she can't drive, so my plan is to go to Georgia for a few days to help out with that. I'll do that after the trip to Maine.

So, it's a good thing I've quit my job effective March 30. That's another story I'll tell you later. I'd love to just sit here and talk in circles all day but I have to get to English class to read with the immigrants, and then I have to get my hair cut at 11:00, and then I have to work on a graphics projects that I haven't even given a thought to yet, and I have to think about an article about Facebook while trying not to waste time on Facebook, and then I have to make dinner and practice my horn and read a book I'm only halfway through.

Oh, look! A kitty!


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

You crack me up.

The spring break trips sound fun!

I will keep your sister in my thoughts.

Looking forward to hearing more . . . when the kitty isn't so distracting!

Shan said...

Oh dear Robyn! Both eyes together now you can do it! You are starting to sound like me only with MANY more travel plans on the docket. :)

Quitting which job? I thought you freelanced. You are quitting that? You'll be busy no matter what you are officially on the payroll of. I know this about you.

It's interesting you mentioned the circle thing as I was just trying to explain the way my brain works to my family over the weekend. I was telling them how I just can't think in numbers at all. I can't make sense of them(bothered that I struggle with fifth grade math). Then I went into this description of how I think in circles and I always categorize people as circles that overlap with each other. The overlapping parts are what they have in common. Also people's general looks and personalities go into groupings and I sometimes judge others by my thoughts of someone in the same group (which can of course be good or bad).
The adults all just stared at me without fascination as I'm sure you are right now. :D
When I'm not blogging my comments get out of hand don't they? Oops.
Hope I didn't distract you further with my brain barf there. Have a great day!

Rich said...

That's some to do list Robyn. I was getting dizzy just reading it.

Rich said...

May I suggest Portland Maine especially The "OLD PORT" section is very nice.


dive said...

Whew! You get more done in a month than most of us manage in a year, Robyn!
Have a great time at Disney (I know you will)!
And if you're heading for New England you should stop in for a coffee with our Rich.

I do hope all goes well with your sister. As if you don't already have enough to do we need you to keep us informed.

Sassy Sundry said...

I hope your sister is OK and that you enjoy your trip to Disney (even though you know who I am).

If you are in Maine and are heading there by way of Boston, e-mail me! I'd love to meet you for reals.

MmeBenaut said...

That was very funny Robyn; you wrote about what happens in my brain all the time! I actually stop by the computer to have a rest from all the "brain talk" and that's how I wound up here in the middle of the day when I haven't finished the housework (don't mention the ironing) yet and I've only just arrived home from the dentist and unpacked and repacked the dishwasher. Now, where was I? Oh yes, hello kitty!

Angela said...

I know how you feel Robin!! It does sound like you have a good handle on things and have a good attitude, though.

I just thought I'd weigh in on Maine- definitely spend some time in Portland- it's a really cool city and if it weren't so far away from our families, I'd want to live an idyllic life there with Jordan teaching at the Maine College of Art and I would teach yoga and write poetry and songs about sea glass. Alas.

I drove south from Portland through Kennebunkport to Wells and had a great time. I had friends who had friends there, but it was such a beautiful trip.

I just read a book that I think you would like- The Little Locksmith- parts take place in coastal Maine (the Penobscot Bay in particular) and it got me longing to visit there again!!! I'm excited for your trip!

savannah said...

ok! ;) xoxox