Monday, April 27, 2009

Being Outside-y

Over the weekend, Eustacia updated her Facebook status by saying she wanted to do something "outside-y." We had such a beautiful few days here in central Ohio with blue skies and warm breezes, who can blame her?

On Saturday, I decided that instead of sitting around watching The Man Who Knew Too Much on Turner Classic Movies, I would do something outside-y, too. So, after I did some inside-y things like buying groceries, mixing up a pasta salad, baking a loaf of bread and vacuuming up 137 ounces of Mike's fur, I went out to buy herbs.

Despite my largish yard, I don't have garden space, nor do I have the inclination to tend a garden, but I can handle a few herbs. I went to Lowe's despite all the local lawn and garden shops because it was right next door to Staples, where I also needed to go.

I bought these herb pots—the dirt is held by biodegradable stuff so you don't have plastic pots to throw away. And I bought some girl gloves. I don't mind getting my hands dirty, but I don't want to touch anything icky like a grub. If you didn't lose all respect for me with my use of "outside-y," that last bit may have done it.

I also stopped at a local lawn and garden business just to see what they had—maybe more herbs, maybe some good dirt to add to the rocky crap that's in my backyard planter. The place was set up in such a fun way, and the people were really nice even though they didn't use biodegradable pots. I bought some more herbs and a bag of decent dirt.

I raked up the winterized dirt and old mulch, added the new dirt and raked some more. Then I planted the herbs and watered the whole lot. I've got basil, two kinds of parsley, thyme, oregano, sage, cilantro, rosemary and lavender. I may go back for some more lavender because I love those bushes. On the other side of the yard, I have some chives that seem to handle the crap dirt and some thyme and oregano that has been left to spread wild, so I may move those things over with the new stuff.

If these things take off, I'll post another picture.


Alifan said...

Wish you lived near me Robyn.. have just done cuttings from my lavender and rosemary,love my garden as you know......Sage is another nice herb to grow, and of course have loads of mint here, but remember is you grow mint put it in a pot as it speads very quickly....lovely to see your little plot...... in exchange for some herbs can I come and swim in your pool!! xxx

Kyle @ Sift said...

How lovely that you are growing herbs! You jumped the gun a bit, though. Our frost date isn't until May 15. Herbs like basil will die if the temperature dips below 32, even if only for a short time. If we have any cold weather cover your herbs with a cotton sheet overnight to protect them.

MmeBenaut said...

Fabulous. There's nothing like fresh herbs in a salad or sprinkled on your favourite pot roast.
Your planter looks so neat Robyn!