Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Howard Keel–Just Because

Was Howard Keel dreamy, or what? It's not his birthday or anything, and he didn't just die, but I'm sitting here for a few minutes watching him in Kiss Me Kate and thinking, "boy, was he smooth."

I was supposed to interview someone to day, but I confused them with a phone message they misunderstood, so we'll meet tomorrow instead. That gave me some time this afternoon to stumble on Kiss Me Kate on Turner Classic Movies.

I first discovered Howard Keel in Show Boat and spent a good part of my high school years playing songs from that musical on the piano. Then I discovered him in Annie Get Your Gun, and then Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and then Kiss Me Kate. That bit on Dallas was unfortunate, but we'll overlook that.

He was pompous and arrogant in every single role, and you want to wipe that swarthy grin from his face. But he was dreamy. No?


lynn said...

Actually I loved him in Dallas. Oops :)

MmeBenaut said...

Well I think he has great legs!