Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Movie Shorts

Eustacia is in a group in college that experiments with film shorts. They write, perform and produce these little films and then premiere them on campus.

Here is one about violence called Pillow Fight in which the actors become the pillows. Eustacia is the girl being challenged and bullied at the computer.

and here she is learning about diversity, or something. I don't care to watch my offspring being murdered.


Shan said...

Oh how fun those must have been to make! Is she majoring in film or is it just a group that enjoys the creative outlet? Eustacia is a cutie, I wouldn't want to see my kid get terminated by robots either. Poor Mom! :)

Schools seem to really be focusing on film production these days. Back when I was in college, it was all about news gathering and reporting. I quit because it was all too serious for me. I guess we did make one short where I was "The date that ate San Francisco" but I have no idea who ended up with the tape of that winner. heehee

Good job Eustacia!!! I like your campus too. :D

Kyle @ Sift said...

Very Twyla Tharpish.
These could be performance pieces.
Your daughter looks like you.

lynn said...

It won't play for me I'm afraid but the girls look lovely! I just get a still that's all. Well done girls!

MmeBenaut said...

I see a real name there on the credits Robyn. Looks like the crew had a lot of fun making these movies though. Well done daughter no. 2.