Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ranting Tangent

I know I'm supposed to be thinking about Easter and all that, but I was irked when I wrote THIS. Next week, I think we'll discuss the Angela Merkel Barbie.


kyle said...

I enjoyed the article and agree that too much attention is placed on what well-known women wear. I don't listen to or watch television so I miss a lot of this nonesense. When I come across it on the internet or in the newspapers I read, I ignore it. I am more concerned about Mrs. Obama's white house garden and other projects. I would hope if I started to care about her hairstyle or her dresses somebody would shoot me and put me out of my misery.

lynn said...

Yeah, but Robyn, that blue cardigan was far too tight....(duck) :)

savannah said...

there's no pleasing people, sugar! a woman is too smart, not smart enough, too fashionable, not fashionable enough, straight hair or natural? lipstick or none? at some point, i just say, why do you care? is she your sister/mother/friend? i am so over this obsession with outward appearances! i am so with you on this one! xoxo

dive said...

You are so right, Robyn.
Never mind what the wives were dressed in, what us fashion-conscious men really need to know is what Angela Merkel's husband wore.
Hee hee.

Alifan said...

Happy Easter Robyn xxx

Rich said...

That's nothing, imagine if Sarah Palin had been there? Talk about ridicule.

Kanani said...

Well, fashion critiques are valid. But it is unfortunate it came out during the g-20 summit.

I write about fashion. I attend the big fashion shows and know designers, manufacturers and publicists. It's an important business that supports a lot of people. One designer I know has supported a group of twenty seamstresses for years.

So to toss it off as "fluff," is really missing an important point. American fashion --indeed fashion houses in general is hurting. Furthermore there is tremendous talent here in the U.S. and I think it deserves to be showcased.

Michelle Obama can be a great beacon for American fashion and --if she plays her cards right, fashion made here by American workers, and also fashion made of sustainable fabrics.
The Literary Fashionista