Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Site to Behold

I've got a few sites to plug.

Sift. First, my new friend Kyle has just started a blog, so I would like to introduce blogville to her, and vice versa. She lives in Small Town, too, but we just met last week. She's a gardener, an adventerous cook, an artist and a conscientious citizen—she's very involved in Small Town's upcoming farm market opening in June. She's also the mother of a six-year-old who promises to be just as talented as the mother. Wait until you see the face they created together.

Creatively Self Unemployed. I discovered this treasure of a blog while over at Kyle's. I don't know much about this guy, and he hasn't posted in quite a while. But boy, is he funny. And uniquely creative. Post, strange man. Post.

Next, Bent Objects. Dive has linked to it for some time, but not everyone who reads this blog reads Dive's, so I want to make sure to give the Bent Objects guy plenty of attention. The guy's name is Terry, and he lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. I'm not sure how else to describe his craft except to say he makes things out of things. He's so good at making things out of things, in fact, he has a new book featuring the things entitled Bent Objects: The Secret Life of Everyday Things (available at Amazon). Terry has a Facebook page, and he's nice enough to accept friendship requests from just about anybody.

And finally, Where's Gerber? Gerber, or Patrick, is someone who used to work for husband's company. He quit recently to head off to Brazil where he will be living in an orphanage for four months. It's a small and rural place, so he will be wearing many job hats—he'll work with the children like a substitute parent, learn to speak Portuguese, pitch in with the construction on a new building and have his eyes opened to the world outside of Small Town–a lot of these kids have either been dumped by parents who can't feed them or rescued from slave trades. This orphanage feeds itself with a small farm, so Patrick will also tend the garden, gather the eggs, feed the pigs, and occasionally slaughter the pigs. He's never done those things before, and I'm eager to read how he documents this experience.


kyle said...

Thanks for the plug. Isn't Steve a stitch? He is a most creative writer who used to work in a cubicle atmosphere until recently. I am so glad you visited his page. I will put the pressure on to get him to post more.

lynn said...

Great! I will visit them all, when I get a min. Thanks! Welcome, All!

Shazza said...

That was fun Robyn! Thanks for sharing those with us!