Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Pour My Heart Out

For nearly three years I have posted an assortment of memories and school pictures and recipes. I have reviewed my favorite films, shown you drawings I made when I was five, made you listen to me sing and play the piano, revealed my worst fears, described the events and sights and characters of Small Town. I have poured my heart out.

But ask me what gets the biggest hits from web searches? Go ahead.

It's Johnny Marzetti, a rustic recipe made with pasta, ground beef, cheese and diced vegetables. This is basically goop in a pot, and yet it seems to be what people on the Internet crave. Every single day without fail, I find people arriving here after searching for Johnny Marzetti. Just yesterday, I got seven hits because of this recipe. I don't know if they're copying my recipe, but I do know they aren't sticking around to read my other stuff, stuff I think isn't goop.

I don't think I've gotten a single hit from someone looking for pear trifle or leek tart. They aren't looking for filet mignon with a blue cheese crust, and they certainly aren't interested in fresh herb shortbreads. I'm considering only posting casseroles from now on, and focusing on ground meat and sauce from a jar. Or maybe I'll just make macaroni and cheese from a box and see if my little blog becomes an Internet sensation.

As far as I can tell, besides the surge in Cindy Loo Who searches at Christmas time or from the people looking for Cindy Loo the pornstar, the only other post that has garnered as much attention is this one about the time I stepped on a frog and squished his guts out onto my pants. People seem to like that one, too. What has become of us?


Kyle @ Sift said...

Never cared for Johnny Marzetti. Always thought he was a punk.

Rich said...

hmmm I'll have to look up Cindy Loo and see for myself. Not at work mind you.

Shazza said...

I thought Johnny Marzetti was a NASCAR driver or something.

The toad between the toes - classic.

They don't know what else they are missing Robyn!

Tracy said...
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Tracy said...

Oh, the frog guts story does sound nasty! ;)

People can find your blog all sorts of random ways, but if even one stays and reads around a little, that's great!