Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Mother's Day

A few days later...I had a lovely mother's day on Sunday. I woke up with a fat cat hogging the pillow, and I had a leisurely breakfast and a cup or two of coffee. Then Eustacia woke up and gave me the picture she had painted and hidden until the big day. Cute, huh? The sunset-sky is so well blended, I think I need to ask her for a painting lesson.

We watched a movie together—Bedtime Stories, which is one of the worst "family" movies ever made. Movie makers must think families are morons. Then we had a leisurely lunch of chicken salad and grapes. Then we went to a little show put on by a local dance studio with a jazz trio in the background for the first part. It was cute, but we felt a little weird when we realized we were probably the only people in the audience not related to any of the dancers. Then I called my mother. Then No. 1 called me from California and sent me flowers via Facebook. Then we drove out to the lake for dinner. Then we came back home and watched another movie—Last Chance Harvey with Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson. It was much better than the first movie of the day. I like that Emma Thompson can be taken seriously and put in a romantic role and still be allowed to look like your average slightly overweight middle-aged woman.

I knitted two baby hats for charity, failed at a crossword puzzle and brushed the cats. I had two articles in Small Town Newspaper (one of them is here), and I had a lovely day being happy that I'm a mother.


Rich said...

Sounds like a nice relaxing day. I enjoyed Last Chance Harvey as well. In my opinion, they don't make enough of those movies. Dustin Hoffmen did play a real awkward goofball but he did it well.

MmeBenaut said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your Mother's Day, Robyn. I read the article about Jan ... beautifully written and I just love the very last quote. Compassion is something that neither my mother or father taught me. I learned it along my own life journey; starting with noticing the hurt on the face of the girl who wasn't picked for the basketball team or the school choir. I learned it too from the headmaster at primary school who allowed me to sit in his office in a big comfortable chair after I began at a new school and when the bell rang and everyone disappeared, I stayed in the schoolyard crying because I didn't know where to go. A teacher found me and deposited me in the headmaster's office! I learned about compassion in other ways too - from being roughly treated by uncaring nurses when I've been in hospital; from strangers who have a kind word here and there and from the love of my girlfriends. Jan's family are lucky (as are yours) to have such strong, positive mothers.

Kyle @ Sift said...

My husband was playing drums at the soiree at TCCA so you were among friends at least.
Sounds like a swell day with your daughter!

lynn said...

Wonderful day, Robyn! So glad you had lovely flowers on FB. What a sweet painting, really lovely. Another one for the treasure box - or will you frame it?
It's lovely being Mummies isn't it? :D