Friday, May 15, 2009

This Guy Makes Me Happy

What kind of sadistic fool watches HBO's Alzheimer's Project? I ask you! I watched last night's episode—they really need to make some kind of hopeful message part of each segment instead of leaving you feeling completely drained. Just to clear the air a little, I'll watch this because it makes me happy. You should, too.

This horn player teaches at a college in Oklahoma, and he records solos (and in this case, quartets) on youtube for his students to use as reference. He's amazing.

Happy Friday


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

That was cool!

A little bit like watching the opening of the Brady Bunch (but with better music).

Thanks for sharing. :-)

Happy Friday to you, too.

lynn said...

I listened to an interview with British newscaster John Suchet the other day Robyn on Sky News about his wife's dementia. It was very moving, but I would imagine helpful and he was saying that music 'unlocks the brain'. Tried to find the interview for you but couldn't get it to play. Might be just my computer. Here it is,FormerNewsReader,RevealsTheOfHeartacheCopingWithHisWifesAlzheimers.&lpos=searchresults

lynn said...

Found another, BBC, interview, though he doesn't mention the music thing in this one, it might be helpful.

Shazza said...

Fun stuff! I'll have to send this to my niece. She's in a junior symphony and is always complaining that the French horns stink! (within earshot of the French horn players parents - eeks)