Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Art Day—Heads On a Stick

Do you remember Art Day? We used to have that around here on a regular schedule, but then I stopped making "art." Eustacia has picked up the practice, though, and has made some interesting things. She calls them Heads On a Stick, but No. 1 calls them Head Kabobs.

Eustacia made the two on the right from Crayola Model Magic. The bald man is Henry, and he used to be an Elvis impersonator. The woman with the pink scarf was a flapper from the 20s, and her stage name is Lily. She has aged in way she is uncomfortable with, her creator said, so she does what she can to spruce up, a bit like Norma Desmond.

The other two characters were made with the kind of clay that you bake to harden, and they were commissioned by No. 1 who wants them for her new apartment. I knitted the tiny hat for the happy woman, and the colorful guy who looks a little warrior-mask-like is a contemporary head with no real story to tell.


dive said...

Oh, scrivens, Robyn! Now you've gone and done it.
Any sentence in which I use the words "head" and "good" is going to get me into so much trouble.

I'll just say I like the "Mexican wrestler" guy and get out of here before you punch me on the arm.

lynn said...

Slightly freaky but hey, they're good.

Shazza said...

I want to come and stay at your house for a while - you have arts and crafts day! I used to LOVE arts and crafts day!

Shan said...

These are SO GOOD! What talent she has for sculpture! I was thinking that one looked like a Mexican wrestler as well. :D