Saturday, June 20, 2009

Eat Here

Last night, the family had dinner in Canton, which is the larger town about 25 or 30 minutes north of Small Town depending on how important speed limits are to you. We have dinner there quite often, but last night we chose a privately owned restaurant over the usual—Bravo, Carabbas, Macaroni Grill...

We went to Iris, a wonderful little place with a father/son team as chef and sous chef. The menu is varied and interesting from sandwiches and salads to creative entrees. I had grilled moi served whole on a bed of rice with a red curry coconut sauce and topped with a grilled plantain. The plate was lined with a banana leaf (or plantain leaf), and the entree was garnished with a thin slice of coconut cut with a creative design. Every element of the meal was wonderful.

For appetizers, we ordered artichoke spread and dates stuffed with chorizo, both absolutely wonderful.

Iris is not cheap, but the atmosphere is friendly and casual, and if you live anywhere near Canton, I think you should add this to your list of favorite restaurants.


lynn said...

Sounds gorgeous Robyn. The journey might add quite a bit to my bill though :( lol.

kyle@sift said...

We like Iris, too.

dive said...

Happy Birthday, Robyn!