Monday, June 15, 2009

No. 1—The Graduate

Daughter No. 1 graduated from The Ohio State University on Sunday with a chemistry and philosophy major(s), and we were privileged enough to witness the whole thing.

OSU is a monster of a school, and this year they graduated over 8,000 students all at once. They thought they might have set a record. It took 35 minutes for all of the graduates to parade into the stadium, and once they were seated, they looked like this, although not all of them fit into the shot:

John Glenn was the key note speaker—Ohio loves its John Glenn—and he had wise words for the students about pursuing life with a "why not" attitude, not limiting themselves with self-doubt and apathy.

Here is No. 1 receiving her diploma from the dean of her college:

Here she is with her extremely proud mother:

And here she is as a wide-eyed two-year-old girl giving her mother a kiss:


savannah said...

CONGRATULATIONS #1! All the best to you now and always, sugar! What a wonderful weekend all y'all had. xoxox

pf said...

Now why did you have to go and post this and make me cry so early this morning...Huh?
Beautiful pics!

dive said...


What a great day, Robyn.
Many congratulations to Daughter No1 (and her mom, of course).

You look justifiably proud.
Nice to see your nose keeping Eustacia company in the first photo.
And what a fantastic guest speaker.

lynn said...

Oh that's fantastic, No. 1! Well done. Great pics but the last one broke my heart. In a good way. :)

MmeBenaut said...

Oh how wonderful. Congratulations daughter # 1 and to you too Robyn for giving birth to another genius!

I have to say that from this distance, she is the spitting image of her Mama.

I'll be waiting now with baited breath to find out the next step in her life - the new career somewhere in the world. Chem & Philosophy are a very good mix so the job will be very, very interesting.

Well done & bravo you too.

Alifan said...

Congratulations indeed to both of you, what great photo's...

You are looking good Robyn ....when are you coming over here again??????

Shan said...

What an accomplishment that is! Great job #1! I can't believe the size of that school. It is even more impressive to me that she could get through it in such a crowd of people. I went to the University of Oklahoma for my fourth year of college and got so lost in the masses I didn't do well at all.

Best to you as you start the next phase in Cali!!

Oh, and that last picture totally got me teary as well. I'll admit it since pf did. ;) Sweet and wonderful moments. XO's

Scout said...

Thank you, everyone. I should say that Husband was there as well and due equal credit. I just didn't like me in the photo of the three of us together.

Rich said...

They say John Glen is a little whacky from too much space travel.

Congrats to # 1 and to you too, robyn.