Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Happy Anniversary

As of today, Husband and I have been married for 25 years. This summer is all about sorting out the issues of college students, though, so we'll keep today's celebration down to dinner. And then in the fall, we'll go adventuring on a Mediterranean cruise on the Queen Mary.

We didn't have very much money 25 years ago, which is how all couples should start out, I think, and we paid for most of the wedding ourselves. I bought the dress for $400 and the hat for $15, we bought some flowers for around $375, ordered a cake and hired a photographer who was something like 125 years old.

A sister-in-law was an attendant, and one of my sisters was the maid of honor. The poor old photographer forgot to get a shot of my sister walking down the aisle, so my mother took matters into her firm hands and twisted. She badgered the photographer and his sickly wife for weeks until the man agreed to take a different photo of my sister, cut out the head, and paste it onto the body of the sister-in-law and then print out another proof for the photo album. The man's wife got hives from the whole ordeal and worried herself sick.

Anyway, the church pianist played the piano, and my sisters sang—"Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms" was their duet—and my brother-in-law performed the ceremony.

The wedding was in my parents' church, and the reception was in their front yard with neighbors contributing picnic tables and chairs. There was no music at the reception and certainly no dancing, and my mother made most of the food. After a couple of days in Chicago, we packed up a U-Haul and moved to Ridgewood, New Jersey where we started our lives from scratch.


lynn said...

Congratulations Robyn and.. husband (wish I knew your name, seems rude!)!!! How lovely. That's a gorgeous photo, the old guy managed to get a record and that's the main thing. Robyn you look so delicate and pretty and Husband so handsome!

Enjoy your celebrations - they sound lengthy and exciting!

pf said...

Happy Signifcant Anniversary, Robyn and Tim!!
Love you guys :)

Shazza said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! Here's to 25 more!

savannah said...

congratulations, sugarpies! i wish y'all many more grand years together! xoxox

Shan said...

Yes Congrats to you both!! That's actually a very long time in today's standard isn't it? I love how you look like Eustacia and hubby looks like daughter #1. That is a good picture. It's funny when I think back at my wedding and how young and naive we were. I like that you and Tim struck out bravely on your own. You've made quite a life together to be sure! Many more!

PI said...

If the photo is anything to go by that was a most charming wedding.
Many congratulations and may you have many more.
Savannah sent me.

mapstew said...

My friend Savvy sent me. Wishing you both a happy Silver Wedding Anniversary.

(No music or dancing? That's me out of a job!)

mark said...

Cheers to both of you. May you have another 25 years and more together. Enjoy your trip.

Eryl Shields said...

I came via Savannah to wish you many congratulations on your anniversary. My 25th is coming up too, there aren't so many of us around who have lasted so long. Your wedding looks like it was a lot prettier than mine!

Rich said...

Happy anniversary, Robyn on 25 years of marital bliss!!! :)

I had a mustache like your hubby's back in 1984 - it looked more like a catapillar. My first marriage took place about a year after yours.

Scout said...

Thanks, everybody! and welcome to all the newbies who came here from Savannah's.

dive said...

Wow, Robyn!
Many, many congratulations!

I love the story of the wedding.
You've certainly come a long way in the past quarter of a century … just look at Daughter 1 about to start at Berkeley and Daughter 2 in college. Sheesh!

And now that the girls are "all growed up" you're playing in the orchestra and writing for your paper and you must be about the busiest person I know of. Hee hee.

I wonder what the next twenty five years will bring?
Whatever you get up to I hope it rains happiness on you.

Happy anniversary to you both!

eroswings said...

I came via Savannah to wish you Congratulations on a long and wonderful union. Best wishes for many more happy years!

You'll both luv the Mediterranean. Take lots of pictures and enjoy your time together on your journey in life.

Madame DeFarge said...

Congrats to you both. Savvy is sending us all over in a flurry of wonderfulness. My husband and I are still beginners at 10 years this year.

Have the T-shirt said...


Rich said...

You certianly were not like the bridzilla's of today.

Jodi said...

Many congrats from Maine.