Wednesday, July 08, 2009

It Was A Game Show!

Last Saturday morning, I had to be someplace for a story while the rest of the family stayed at home doing Saturday things—sleeping late, cleaning out cars, watching TV, eating eggs. On my way home, sometime around 11:30, I called the house to see if anyone had devised a lunch plan. I wondered if they would want me to pick something up or had they decided to go out.

I let the phone ring a few times until it was clear no one was going to answer, and I pushed the red "end call" button on my iPhone and set the phone in the cup holder of my car. I drove along listening to NPR, which at the time of a Saturday morning was playing Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me. It's a fantastic game show that quizzes people on the oddities and details of the week's news headline.

The show airs out of Chicago and features people like Peter Sagal, Carl Kasell, Mo Rocca and Paula Poundstone. Listeners call in to answer questions about the news, and winners can have Carl Kasell record the message on their answering machine. Who wouldn't love a show like that?

If I were to play the show for real, I might not win the recording, especially if I hadn't paid attention to the news the week before, but I do enjoy playing along with the radio.

I talk to myself in the car, and you do, too. Admit it. You don't just yell at the jerk drivers around you who don't use their turn signals or who spit out the window or who have their bass turned up too high and rattle your windows when they're stopped behind you at a red light. You think out loud, you remind yourself of things on your to-do list and you answer questions asked on Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me.

I did that on my way home last Saturday, and I confess I raised my voice when I knew the answers, and the contestant didn't. For some reason, I think that if I shout, the person on the air will hear me and win the prize. I want everyone to win.

Later, in the afternoon after we had all had lunch, Eustacia noticed the message light blinking on the phone and called in to hear the message. She looked puzzled as she was listening to it, and she said that it sounded like a football game or something, and how weird, it sounds like Mom.

I knew immediately what had happened. As I ran toward her in order wrench the phone from her hands, I yelled, "It was a game show!!" Evidently, I only thought I had pushed the "end call" button but really I had recorded my entire participation in Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me as I drove from one end of town to the other.

The quick-thinking Eustacia, recognizing she had struck gold, saved the message and hung up the phone before I could get to it. While the family discussed ways to retrieve the message and post it on Facebook for all the world to hear, I had to sneak around the corner, get to the stupid thing and delete it. I made sure to push the right button this time.

Be honest. Has this ever happened to you?


Shan said...

Ha Ha! Like the picture. I don't think I've done this but my hubby sure did a couple weeks ago. Our littlest boy rode with him to Taco Bell on yard sale day and J called by mistake while ordering and had to scold the youngster the whole time on the record. I laughed to myself because our D was on fire that day in the naughty department and J is usually the more patient of the two of us. I got him on tape using a (slightly) raised voice. Oh the scandal! :P

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

It has happened to me.

I'm not saying anything more.

savannah said...

i think pleading the 5th is more than appropriate right now, sugar... oxxoox

dive said...

Hee hee hee, Robyn!
I would SO love to have heard that!

I'm a huge fan of Wait, Wait …
I play the podcasts on my train journey and disturb people by laughing hysterically.

lynn said...

LOL! Hilarious. I almost wish you hadn't got to that button. Sorry. I feel ashamed but would love to hear it. Yes I do talk to myself in the car. I have no idea how you knew, but you're right. My best plans are made then, my head's in order and the day or night mapped out.
I also raise my voice, only a little, at quizzes. My, but it's a sharing day here at Just Sayin'.

lynn said...

I just remembered, I had a call once from an ex boyfriend and, as I answered it, realised he'd pressed my button by mistake. I heard him talk away whilst trying to shout to him to get his attention to no avail. Then, I started to listen. I could pick out all the words. Know what I heard? Him chatting up some girl. Oh yes. Telling her his life history, where he could be reached, when he was free, etc.
We had words about it naturally, and I forgave him. I shouldn't have, but we did spend 6 mostly happy years together afterwards. Maybe I should have left there and then though, saved all that time. Pah! Now I'm pondering.........;)