Saturday, July 25, 2009

Noisy Boys

Having lived in my own free-standing house for years, I have forgotten what it's like to live in an apartment setting. In Berkeley, No. 1 is living in a second-floor condo building with just a few other units. It's been very quiet here until just the other day when some noisy boys moved into the unit below. We think they're renters, mainly because they laugh really loud, and there are at least two of them. We envision them sitting on their beat-up sofa playing video games, and every time something exciting or surprising happens, they bellow or guffaw or make some sort of noise that rattles the upstairs window panes.

If the boys open their living room windows, which are directly below our living room windows, we can hear every single thing they say and every single laugh they belch out.

Last night at dinner, they cranked up their speaker system and blasted some crap music, so No. 1 jumped on the floor a few times, and that was that. This could go either way—good or bad. And if No. 1 ends up being their chemistry TA this next semester, God help them.

But just now, I was sitting in the now-finished living room (pictures later) with the windows open and the curtains waving slightly with the breeze, I heard some mumbling from the floor below. And then through all the open windows, I heard the beginnings of Moonlight Sonata. It was weak with more missed notes than you can imagine, but it was recognizable.

At first I thought one of these noisy boys I have been profiling had a surprising side, but it turns out this piano is in the apartment directly across the driveway, and with all the windows open in both buildings, it's as if the piano were just below. 

The player has given up on Moonlight Sonata and moved on to piano snacks from Bach's Anna Magdalena book, and it's making for a very delightful afternoon.

It's a pity it isn't one of the boys playing because then we could decide not to hate them, and we can forgive them their bullish laugh. As it is, No. 1 is hoping they're undergrads and won't be here year round, maybe just one school year, and then some nice, quiet renter will take their place. Maybe one with a piano and an appreciation for Bach.


savannah said...

i think she did the right thing! much easier to be the heavy in the beginning and then lighten up if the boys behave themselves! xoxox

Miz Minka said...

Yeah, being a renter sucks if you have noisy neighbors. :(

Lynn said...

'Noisy boys' ha! Being a renter doesn't always mean you must laugh loud though LOL.
I can understand how annoying it must be but, truth be told, I'm giving the noisy boys the benefit of the doubt (probably because I have 3 boys, not noisy though). I think, when you bump into them, and I'm pretty sure you will, once you start talking to them and mention you live above, they will then 'identify' you. Boys often live in a world of their own at that age lol - once they can put a face and pleasant introduction (without mentioning the noise at this stage, I wouldn't) to the positioning, they will realise. I could be wrong, but give it a try. I bet they're really nice boys, just forgetting how noisy they can be. Who knows, maybe they too come from free standing houses and it just hasn't occurred to them yet.

dive said...

Lynn: Boys are boys.
We never grow up and we love making loud noises … (belch).

Excuse me while I crank up the TV and play video games all night with my beer-swilling friends.

Robyn: You'll be glad to get home to Ohio, I think.

Scout said...

Savannah, she thinking about nice ways to make herself known now.

Miz Minka, at least it's better than a dorm.

Lynn, wise advise. No. 1 is thinking along these lines.

Dive, I feel like I've been away for weeks and weeks, but it's only been just over one. The next few days will be fun, but I do like home.

Lynn said...

Dive I've got 3 boys! Many friends of theirs too. I know these boys well. They have their moments but generally they're not noisy and they're certainly considerate and polite. Belch? Ew. Manners. Enjoy your noisy, beery evening! lol.

Robyn, good I do hope it might work. Can't wait to see photos of the new abode of No. 1! :)

Lynn said...

I'm not pretending my boys (young men at 22, 21 and 17!)are never noisy and they do boy stuff with their friends, but they are considerate which is why I think No.1's neighbours will quieten down once they realise there are others in the world LOL. My boys wouldn't belch in front of me definitely - unless they were ill !! It's funny, they're quite protective and very respectful, warning me if something's nasty to look at, even if a film's too graphic. "Not for your eyes, Mum." they say LOL. These neighbours I would give the benefit of the doubt they're similar, they just don't know you're there yet. They're in boys' world so far and getting an independence not had before. Couple of weeks they'll settle down. I hope. lol.

Shannon and Paul said...

Oh, the joys of communal living. Don Miller writes in Blue Like Jazz about the importance of living in community... and he's talking about actually "being a roommate" because of how we develop spiritually through interaction with each other, belching, obnoxious laughter, and all.

Our old Ivywild neighborhood was very noisy at times, full of colorful characters, an occasional chicken or bear, the guy who wore ripped flannel shirts and kept the junky cars sitting outside our kitchen window... but I kinda miss it. Our current street is very "polite", for the most part. I think we might be the rowdy couple amongst the senior homeowners.