Monday, July 13, 2009

Wildlife Invasion

Small Town has a river running through it, the Tuscarawas River named after a tribe that lived here until the Europeans arrived. It claims a life now and then when people forget how powerful its undercurrents are, and sometimes it floods low-lying land. Well, now it's home to an alligator or possibly two. It's my guess some moron bought a baby alligator thinking it was cute, but when it got bigger and less cute, they released it in the river. And now authorities are trying to catch it before it gets bigger and takes somebody's leg.

While the search goes on, I suspect there will be lots of sightings and people will have fun with this story. Small Town likes its elusive wildlife.

We once had a couger running loose, and just when the story would die down, somebody would call in to say they spotted it in their backyard or out the woods. We've had black bear sightings, some caught on camera and some just reported. And we've got Big Foot, too, with a society devoted to finding one and proving to the rest of the world that the members of the group really aren't fools.

I hope our next wildlife sighting will be an elephant escaped from the circus, or maybe a giraffe or something like that three-foot worm that's harassing farmers in Idaho. Then we'd all have some real stories to tell.

The photo is borrowed from Small Town Newspaper and taken by Jim Cummings.

UPDATE: the little baby gator was caught, so no fun sightings in store for Small Town.


dive said...

Get on down to the creek with a big net, Robyn, and catch yourself a nice pair of shoes.

savannah said...

a little further on down the road from here, people are dealing with pythons and boa constrictors for the same reason! people dump the big ones into the water ways. but seriously, could gators really survive an ohio winter? ;~D xoxox

debra said...

Would an alligator survive Ohio's winters? Our town, Peninsula, has had the python legend for over 50 years...
We even have a festival.

kyle@sift said...

It frightens me how many people want to see the alligator/s killed. Small Town has no respect for life.
Alligators are very afraid of humans (as well they should be). This animal could easily be caught and released in a habitat more conducive to reptilian bliss.

Lynn said...

Gosh that's a bit alarming. I was watching last night the excellent Stephen Fry in America and he was vaguely in your region and yes, was interviewing someone about Big Foot. The chap was sincere and really believed it and Stephen politely took it all in. As he left, he said to the camera he decided there was as much chance of meeting a yeti type figure in the woods as there was of him playing in the Cup Final. I guess it's funnier if you know him.... ;)

Scout said...

Dive, you ought to be ashamed.

Savannah and Debra, Yeah, I wonder if an alligator can survive an Ohio winter. But then they're an adaptable prehistoric species, so maybe they can.

Debra, is that Peninsula, Ohio?

Kyle, I think people are just scared. They aren't really being brutal, are they?

Lynn, this seems like such an odd place for Big Foot. It's not the wilderness or mountains. We've just got some woods and a few rivers.

MmeBenaut said...

That alligator looks tiny to me. We have huge saltwater crocodiles all through the north of Australia. None down where we live, fortunately.
Don't you just love those stories of sightings? It's a bit like the fox I saw just outside our front door at 4 in the morning last year. I swear no-one believes me. Ha ha.

Lynn said...

We have sightings of black panthers in Gloucestershire! Anyone interested? Thought not. No seriously - we do!!