Monday, July 20, 2009

Wow. Who Knew?

Who knew that moving in to a new place with nothing but a few bags of clothes and some books would take so much time—and so many trips to Target. No. 1 spent her first night in her new place last night, and all she's got so far is a bed, an end table, and some lamps. We've also got the kitchen nearly set up with a toaster and coffee maker and some dishes.

I realize that an awful lot of people start out with folding lawn chairs for their furniture and eat off of paper plates, but as a graduation present, we have promised No. 1 a furnished living space. We found a great little couch at World Market with a couple of coordinating chairs which will fit just perfectly in her living room—they'll be delivered today. We found lamps at Home Depot, and all the little kitchen stuff at Target.

Some of the wooden pieces are coming from a great little store in Berkeley, like the dining table and chairs and these little occasional pieces that are painted rustically with shades of red and yellow—all of these things will arrive Friday. I'll show pictures later of the before-and-after effect.

The curtains left by the previous residents had been hung during the War of 1812, so we trashed them and will come up with another solution—the condo is on the second floor with big trees covering some of the windows, so we don't need to do too much.

Anyway, with everything that has to be done this week, we decided to pass on Yosemite. We'll still go to Sonoma tomorrow, but the rest of this trip is about transforming an empty space into a livable one. We'll have to save the tourist things for another visit.


savannah said...

i LOVE it! i'm supposed to go out to los angeles to help re-arrange supernana's apartment. she's been sending pictures so i'd have time to formulate a design! oh my! have fun, sugar! xoxoxo

dive said...

Wow! Lucky No.1, Robyn!

I hope you're all having a ball down there.
See you soon!

Shan said...

It all sounds so thrilling Robyn! I kinda wish I could go along with you with all those shopping trips involved. Sounds perfectly dreamy to me! I agree that #1 is one lucky young lady and I'm glad you are able to bless her with such a fun new start! Have a great time!

Mark said...

A boy would be easier, pretty sure. Just sayin.

It does sound like a fun time though.

Jessica said...

Wow, it’s looking amazing, good product!! You can find more designer Dining Chairs Sets here…..

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Sounds like you're having a lovely and productive visit. It is so fun (and expensive) helping the grown ones get set up, huh?

Lynn said...

I only wish my boys would let me IN! he he boys are a bit different. They're both pretty organised, but in their own way. Students in the UK start off in one room with bathroom attached if they're lucky. Following year, they're expected to find a house share. It's all pretty basic, with about 8 others in the house, no-one seems to want to wash up. One of my sons is quite fussy and hates that part of it. Convinced his housemates to hire a cleaner once a week for two hours, they pay very little each and it gets done! At least, he says, some of the time, he gets to cook in a clean kitchen without scrubbing the place down first. It's kind of accepted over here that in student years, you share and standards are not great. Students have to pay for their fees £3000 p.a. so accommodation has to come second.

No. 1 sounds very lucky and if I had the resources, I'd be doing exactly the same as you are Robyn! A lovely thing to do and I bet you're enjoying it; I would be!

RoverHaus said...

I love World Market...and curtains from 1812!

They both sort of have the same origins if you think about it.

Safe journey!