Monday, August 24, 2009

Be Nice

Sitting in the Phoenix airport, I see that I have angered someone in Small Town with today's editorial. Seriously, I don't understand this kind of reaction. Here's the piece—what do you think? Am I a hypocrite?

I might have written this same sort of piece during the Bush years if I had space in the paper then, but I was busy designing book covers back in those days.


dive said...

You're no hypocrite, Robyn, but you do appear to be living in redneck moron hell.

Shazza said...

I think it's a wonderful piece Robyn. We have lost just about all of our civility towards each other. Everyone is in it for themselves these days. One of my friends remarked the other day: "We don't have to worry about terrorists, the way we are going at it with each other we will self destruct."

Rich said...

Pitting us against each other is what the Dems are good at,Robyn. They either use race or socio-economic lifestyle differences and now health care. I learned at a young age that the liberals only had one interest in mind and really wasn't the interest of the middle class.