Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Value of A Cat

Look at this face? I mean, just look at it. Don't you just want to kiss the little guy's nose and rub his fluffy tummy? I know you do.

Big Fat Mike has some physical issues, one of which is obviously his size. He weighs in at 22 pounds, and lifting him up off of the floor can give a person a hernia. He doesn't like to be held, though, so lifting him up is not something we do very often.

The other day, Husband referred to him as a $5,000 Cat and suggested he be done in. Pashaw, I thought. Certainly we have not spent $5,000 on the big guy. But then I began mentally itemizing the vet bills over the last few years, and this is what I discovered:

1) $2,000 a few years ago when Mike had his itty bitty penis removed on account of some kidney stones

2) $1,200 last Christmas when Mike had a serious bladder infection with arthritis and elevated blood/sugar levels, and he spent two weeks in the hospital

3) $850 in July when he had another serious bladder infections with elevated blood/sugar levels, and he spent another two weeks in the hospital

4) $225 last week when he visited the vet for a urine analysis and two-weeks worth of insulin

5) $500, roughly the cost of his prescription food for a year

These rough numbers add up to $4,775. Add in the litter and various other routine shots, and he's clearly a $5,000 cat. But look at the guy? He doesn't play fetch quite like he used to, but he still follows me around the house like a loyal and devoted kitty. And he's my baby. How could you place a value on that? I ask you.

Now, look at this little guy? He's extremely huggable and very affectionate. I know of people who have gone out and bought themselves a tabby because they wanted a cat just like Tiger. But there is only one Tiger. I always say that if everyone had a cat like this one to greet them at the door at the end of the day, to wrap his front paws around their neck and lovingly nuzzle their chins, there would be fewer wars and conflicts in the world.

He is usually very healthy, and I've never had to invest much financially in his well being, but while we were in Arizona, he had a tumor removed from his leg. I'm still waiting on the results of the biopsy, which of course will be good news. The weekend of cat care cost $670, but this cat is one in a million and worth so much more.


pf said...

This is priceless...just like our cats...and made me cry. I didn't know about Tiger. Let us know what you find out.

Dear Prudence said...

Robyn, don't tell anyone but I have ummm.. 12 cats. They range in age from 10 years old-9 months. I can't help myself. My weakness though is LELLOW kitties. I love them, love them, love them but sadly everyone I have ever had the brief pleasure of loving had been hit by a car. EVERY ONE... so no more LELLOW kitties for me. I am bad luck for those beauties.

dive said...

Hoorah for Mike and Tiger. They are beyond price, Robyn.

Shan said...

Of course they are worth every penny! PRECIOUS You and Mme B have sure had your share of kitty vet bills-ouch.

We almost pulled the ($$) plug on our chihuahua when she was young as she had gone into shock from biting a brown recluse. She stayed at the vet forever and looked about 150 years old. Now she's the picture of health and I love her so much I cry when I think of losing her....even if she's not a cat. ;)

Strawberry said...

I want them now! That is all.


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