Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Cure For What Ails You

I'm still sick, and I mean really sick. I don't have a fever, but I do have that achy-skin feeling and chills that usually accompanies one. My eyes are watery, I struggle to get a good breath, I could do a good impression of Barry White, my throat is sore, and I have this very unpleasant and painful cough that no one else would ever want to hear. And we don't have to talk about the stuff I've been coughing up—I think it's the lining of a lung.

So, what did I do yesterday to take care of myself? Well, after I took care of all the back-in-town tasks that needed doing and had lunch, I got to work in the kitchen. I couldn't stand the idea of just sitting on the couch and watching daytime TV, and Turner Classic Movies paid tribute to Donna Reed all day (she's not a favorite even with It's A Wonderful Life) and I couldn't focus enough to read or write, so I cooked. Don't worry, though, I washed my hands a lot, and I don't think I'm contagious. I actually diagnosed myself with the help of the Internet, which is always a reliable substitute for a doctor—I've got acute bronchitis which can't be treated by antibiotics and was probably caused by an allergy.

Anyway, back to the kitchen. I made three baguettes using a perforated baguette pan I forgot I had. I made a batch of granola that I am hoping won't be too crunchy for my poor throat, and I made dinner. This is the recipe I followed from the recent issue of Bon App├ętit. I won't bother to post it all here because it was sort of a disappointment even though it included some of my favorite ingredients.

Here's what I think—in case you'd like to give it a try yourself—the spinach was like watery mush and would have been much more flavorful if it had been wilted in the shallot and garlic sauce instead of in the boiling water. And I think that sauce could have used a hit of heavy cream for texture, and the whole thing could have used some grated Parmesan or Romano.

So today, I'll try to stay out of the kitchen and actually get some rest. Since TCM is paying attention to Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon today, that might be an OK thing. Oh, and I plan on setting Tiger on the cricket that has found its way into the living room. He loves those things and eats them whole.


savannah said...

glad y'all are back, sugar! if y'all even think it's bronchitis GET TO THE DOCTOR NOW! seriously, don't self diagnose, i know this from experience! xoxox

dive said...

Toasted crickets are a sure cure for bronchitis, Robyn, and Savannah's right (as always), hie thee to the doctors, pronto!

Get well soon; oh, and a good convalescent activity is to catch up on the 500 Words pieces you missed while you were away. Get writing! Hee hee (sorry).

Strawberry said...

I'm pretty sure you have swine flu. The fever is just late. I doubt water spinach mush is a cure for that, so watch TMC all day and go to the doctor tomorrow.


MmeBenaut said...

Poor old thing Robyn. A teaspoon of honey might ease the throat but if you have fever, perhaps you do need an antibiotic.
I hope it's not swine flu. I'm thinking of having a vaccination before I get on the plane to the US.