Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Odd Ball Photos

I've got a few more cruise photos showing some of the places we visited, but while I sort through those and look for some good ones, here are the odder photos that don't really fit any particular category. I may work on travel piece for Small Town Newspaper with photos, but I doubt the editor will appreciate these.

First, a sign posted on the top deck of the Queen Mary 2. Never once did I see an animal of any sort near there,

unless it was this man.

This is a little dog eating meat in front of Trevi Fountain in Rome.

This is a tired bus driver waiting to take people on a tour of Barcelona. "Enough, all ready," you can hear him groaning.

This is a statue of Jupiter outside the ship's planetarium.

And just to give you an idea of what it's like on the ship when it pulls away from shore, here is a video (I apologize for the angle) of the top deck and the commodore giving an announcement. That man could stretch twenty words in a half-hour presentation.

1 comment:

dive said...

Apart from the man with the trolley it looks like you were the only person up on deck when you took your video, Robyn.
The statue looks fun. I'd love to see more of the ship if you've got enough photos for a grand tour.