Monday, October 19, 2009

First Chuckle of the Day

Today's editorial for Small Town Newspaper is online this time around. It's not funny on its own, unless you like Groucho Marx, but it's about humor—you can read it here.

I had decided not to read the online comments for my editorials because they only serve to make me angry. Clearly, there are people out there who sit in front of their computers looking for a fight, and the subject of the article never gets in their way. But today, I slipped a bit on my personal rule and read them. Already, there are two who don't care what I say but want to pick on TSJ.

TSJ is short for Third Street Jim, somebody around here who comments on newspaper stories regularly from a left-of-center point of view. He backs up his statements with history and links that defend his views. And then his remarks are met with statements like, "TSJ, you're nothing but a commie." Or "TSJ, why don't you just shut up." People love this guy or they hate him, whoever he is.

But then there is a third comment, which on the surface, you might think is from someone with no sense of humor, some snot who just wants to make me furrow my brow. But I know this person—I won't give away her identity—and I know she's sitting in front of her computer smirking and stirring the pot, and I know her comment is meant to mock people who use this online commenting tool to show themselves as jerks.

Cat Panniculus (look up that word) provided my first chuckle for the day. But now I'll have to follow comments all day long to see if anyone takes her bait, to see if anyone completely misses my point and actually thinks I'm poking fun at Alzheimer's patients.


savannah said...

PERFECT! i just linked to this, sugar. y'all have made me smile! xoxoxo

(thanks for the support, darlin!)

Shan said...

That was a very encouraging article Robyn.

But, who can laugh when we know we have a season coming up that can take us from barely a stage 1, straight into a dire stage 3 panniculous by January. I don't know who in their right mind could be light hearted with this possibility on the horizon. I'm going back to bed....right after I finish this mid morning bowl of Cheetos, and perhaps a few more mellowcreme pumpkins.