Monday, November 02, 2009

A Month for Role Models

It doesn't take much to declare a month the National Month of Whatever. All you have to do is make it so and put it on the Internet, and unless it's something completely ridiculous, it will take off and actually become recognized by people other than yourself. Well, November is the National Month of Inspirational Role Models, so called by a woman in Detroit who is part of some sort of community organization. The designation has since spread, and now people outside of Detroit recognize it.

In preparation for an editorial about role models, I spent some time thinking about my role models, and I couldn't come up with any. I guess I don't have one. Is that wrong?

When I was a kid, I'm pretty sure my sisters were my role models. They are older than I am, and they seemed so grown up to me. They were (and are) smart and funny and talented and independent. I wanted their clothes and their friends and the little bit of freedom they were granted more so than I was—heck, I wasn't even allowed to shave my legs until I was 14. I sneaked into the bathroom one day and shaved with one of my sister's razors, and when my mother found out, you'd think I'd put on lipstick or something. Or worn eyeshadow. Or danced.

Well, about this role model business—now as an adult, I apparently have no role models. And to my knowledge, I am no model for another person except maybe my children. I asked 60 people if they have role models, and 33 responded with an enthusiastic affirmative, two said they did not, and the rest didn't answer. Based on the answers I received in my poll, here is today's editorial.

Oh, and November is also National Diabetes Month, National Alzheimer's Disease Month, National Impotency Month, National Peanut Butter Lovers Month and Sweet Potato Awareness Month.


kyle@sift said...

I for one, have been a long time lover of Sweet Potato awareness month. In honor of this I am going to decorate the sweet potato I bought at least week's farmers market to serve as my role model. Nice editorial, Robyn.

Susan Martins Miller said...

Also National Write a Novel Month.

Rich said...

I think you're a good role model, robyn.

MmeBenaut said...

Sweet potato awareness? Now I've heard everything but then again, from a grower's perspective, why not!

It was an excellent article Robyn and I must say that I enjoyed being part of your "poll".

Shan said...

I agree with Rich and I'm sure your daughters think of you as a role model for sure. In fact you are a role model for me as to how I want to act when my kids are off off and away. :)