Thursday, December 31, 2009

Medicine Head

So, I have this sinus thing going on, or something. It's not quite a sinus infection, and it's not the flu, so maybe it's just a cold. I don't know, but I resorted to taking an over-the-counter pill for it. I never take medicine—hardly ever get a headache, never go to the doctor, don't take useless things for a cold. But this sinus thing seemed like it needed a pill. So, I bought a box of Sinutab, half day-time and half night-time, and I took a night-time pill a couple of days ago right before my weary head hit the pillow.

I slept all night long without interruption, which is rare, and when I woke up yesterday morning, I thought that was a good sign. I thought that until I got past the quietness of morning and tried to communicate, and I discovered I was unable to string two words together or even think of single words. I was fumbling through my blog post and would get stuck on the simplest word. I would snap my fingers and say, "What's that word...what's that...what's the..." until finally the word would come to me.

It was such an odd feeling, and after a few hours I thought I was getting over it, but then for some stupid reason I thought I should take a day-time Sinutab just to help nip the sinus thing once and for all. Turns out I should have just let my immune system do its job.

I make an effort to present myself reasonably well when I interview people for a newspaper story. If I am not poised and polished, I am at least coherent and prepared. But after that second dose, my brain turned to turnip mush and then completely drained of any thought process whatsoever. It was in that state that I tried to talk to a PR representative from a hospital about a new website that compares all the hospitals in Ohio. I had two simple questions for the woman, a woman who was not forthcoming with her answers, which seemed odd given it's her job to talk to the press. I got the first question out with some fumbling, and she would only repeat my question without answering it. That threw me off, and suddenly, I couldn't think of a single thing to say to the woman. Not a clearer way of asking the first question, not the basis of the second question. Nothing. I found myself sitting in my office chair with my pencil in hand and staring blankly at the wall. So, I finally did the only thing I could think of. I said to the woman, "I'm sorry, I have to hang up now," and I hung up on her. And that was that.

Fortunately, my editor thought it was sort of funny and has given me a couple of days grace before I have to finish this website story, so I haven't really fumbled too badly. I've just learned that medicine head, which is what my nurse friend says I have, is no fun. And it's no way to spend the day. It's certainly no way to spend New Year's Eve, so I purposely didn't dose up last night even though I could have used some help sleeping. And I won't take a stupid pill today (or should I say "Stupid Pill") because now I have to make butternut squash ravioli from scratch, and if I were on drugs, I'm afraid I might stuff the things with baked beans or something.

Happy New Year to everyone.


kyle@sift said...

Robyn, I have one word for you...vaporizer.

Lulubelle B said...

Robyn - I woke up with a sinus thing this morning. The whole right side of my head is a mess.

It's probably the antihistimenes that are messing with you. I can't take any of those OTC. A decongestant will help with the pressure and mucus. If you don't like pills, try a nasal spray - they're more topical and don't have to travel through your body to get the job done. Just don't use the spray for more than 3 days at a time to avoid a vicious feedback cycle.

Hope you feel better. Happy New Year!

- Lulu

dive said...

Once again Kyle beat me to it and said exactly what I was going to say, Robyn.

Sinutab? Sheesh! Those are the things they give the cast on zombie movies. If you read the small print it says "Take one of these and you might be able to say 'duh' but you sure won't be able to spell it."

Get well soon, my friend, and have a very happy (and healthy) New Year.

MmeBenaut said...

Robyn! Now you know how I feel every day of my life .... struggling to find that word. The cocktail of pills that I have to take do that to my brain all day but I still can't sleep! Meds certainly don't seem to agree with you dear and you are lucky that you don't need them often.

Shan said...

Oh ho ho Robyn! I clearly know what you are feeling and it is the opposite of clarity! I of course blame my blood sugar levels which have NEVER been easy to predict or control.
I'm sorry that I think it is so hilarious that you hung up on that interview call. I sympathize though because sometimes I'm as dumb as a POST and other times I can think and relate with people so well I consider going back to school and becoming an accomplished something fabulous! Now that I type this though I'm wondering if it doesn't sound more like Bipolar than "Medicine Head". teehee

Feel better soon! You have already been sick once this year. You need a longer healthy spell in 2010.