Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Cats Are OK

In fact, they're better than OK. They're just fine, which is a step up.

Over the last few months, we have had issues, and not cheap ones. First, Mike's blood-sugar levels seemed unstable with two units of insulin a day. He was drinking bucket-loads of water and peeing just as much—I was emptying the litter box practically once a day. So, I upped the units to three, and that seemed to do the trick.

Then, I found a lump under Tiger's front leg, and the vet confirmed it was a mass cell tumor. We had it removed and biopsied—it was benign—but within weeks, I found another one in the same general area. So, over Thanksgiving, I boarded the cats with the vet while we were away. They tested Mike's blood and gave him an antibiotic injection for a urinary track infection. And they removed Tiger's second tumor. We're all going to assume it was benign as well because it was just like the first. Total bill for those few days: $1,100.

But let's go back to Mike's infection. On a daily basis at home, he seems fine. He doesn't pee blood, and he doesn't hide under a bed hoping to die. But when I shove the big guy into a cat crate and haul him to the boarders where he is forced to live in a cage until Mommy comes home, he becomes so horrified that his bladder shuts down, and that's when he exhibits signs of an infection. At least this is the explanation the vet gave me yesterday.

I was in the vet's office so he could remove the staples from Tiger's incision. With Tiger finally well, I was free to ask the vet about the possibility of keeping Mike at home while we're away for Christmas. Big Mike is so afraid of non-family people that no one could possibly give him his insulin shot, not that of anyone. So, we've decided he'll be better off at home for a few days without the needed drug but also without the seized bladder.

So, the boys are just fine. At the moment, they are fighting under the dining room table, and earlier they were drinking the water out of the tree stand and chewing on the garland, but they're fine. What a relief.


dive said...

Hoorah for Tiger and Mike!
They rule.

MmeBenaut said...

OMG Robyn - what a torrid time for you and the little kitties. Poor Mike! You are their angel, for sure.

Shan said...

When I read this yesterday I thought if only I could try my special cat wooing skills on Mike. I have all the patience in the world with cantankerous cats and of course I'm pretty comfortable giving insulin shots as well!

Vet bills are rough! My pom has been sick off and on for a couple of years but they haven't found out what her main problem is yet. Yesterday they tested her for diabetes and I thought about you. Her blood work was fine so we went with antibiotics (again). Her little teeth were chattering and I think her mouth is bothering her this time.

While I was paying she tried to jump down off the seat she was in and she busted her front lip causing it to fill her mouth with blood and fatten her lip. Poor poor baby! I just felt rotten.