Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Busy Busy Busy Bee

I finished all of my newspaper assignments for this week, and my next scheduled interview isn't until next Tuesday. So, today is going to be about tackling small tasks. A lot of them.

• Clean the litter box
• Clean the bathroom
• Ship a box of this and that to Eustacia
• Taste-test a soup sample I plan to serve at a thing on Saturday (if it's acceptable, the batch will be served to the English class tomorrow).
• Do some research for next Monday's opinion piece
• Drop off some yarn batting for spinning
• Do a business card for somebody
• Possibly work on a book cover for the same somebody
• Play the piano
• Play my horn
• Vacuum
• Knit

That's the list so far, and with all that's on this list, it's the knitting that grips my interest. When No. 1 was home, she showed me a yarn website that offers free patterns to encourage people to buy their yarn. On it, I found this:

My local cheap-crap craft store sells this brand of yarn, and even in this particular weight, so I went there the other day to find some skeins of marled wheat. I needed seven skeins for this project, and of course, they only had two. They had four skeins of another pleasant color, but that was it. So, I settled for black with funky wooden buttons, and I can't stop working on the dadblamed thing.

Most sweaters are knitted in pieces like a sewing pattern—a back, a front, the sleeves—and you sew the elements together. But this one is knitted in all one piece. I just reached the first side of the sleeves, and it's already cumbersome. When I get down to the back side of this thing, it's going to be like maneuvering a circus tent on the needles. If it all works out, I'll show you the end product.

UPDATE: As requested, you can find the pattern to this sweater HERE, although you'll need to register with Lion Brand before you can view it.


dive said...

Hee hee. I can just picture you trying to manœvre all that wool around with Mike eager to pounce.

Sara Maze said...

Hi...I arrived at your blog via Fr. Dan's blog (I'm one of his parishoners) and really enjoy your posts. Would you mind posting the link for the pattern for the sweater???

Scout said...

Hi, Sara. I just posted a link to the Lion Brand sweater. Their website is full of free patterns, but you have to register with the site before you can view them.

Sara Maze said...

Thanks so much! This is actually for a lady that is a cashier at our Ace Hardware. almost gets me enthused to try knitting again! In 5th grade a group of us knitted slippers at recess...that's the only thing I ever made!

Alifan said...

Hi Robyn, am knitting again so will post on our other sirte when I get a moment. xxxx

Scout said...

Beryl, it's nice to hear from you. I can't wait to see what you're knitting.

MmeBenaut said...

Oh my, I do admire you for tackling this. I can't believe it is knitted in one piece. I can do plain and purl and knit scarves. That's it! Do show us the completed item won't you Robyn. It looks gorgeous in the photo.